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Sheehan accepts principal position

                       Debbie Sheehan

Humboldt City Schools’ superintendent, Dr. Janice Epperson, announced last week that Debbie Sheehan has accepted the position as principal at East Elementary School. Sheehan has served as instructional coach at Stigall Primary School for the past three years.

Sheehan is a 22-year educator and began her career teaching 1st grade. She earned her Bachelor of Science Degree in Sociology followed by receiving her K-8 certification from Union University and her Master of Education in Instructional Design and Technology. She is currently working toward her AAPN at Tennessee State University.

Sheehan taught 1st grade for 17 years and kindergarten for two years before transitioning to the position of instructional coach at Stigall. She has worked closely with her principal to develop and refine leadership skills, providing feedback as well as other administrative skills that are necessary for a building

As instructional coach at Stigall, Sheehan has been a driving force in developing teachers and staff to be successful in the classroom and providing exceptional instruction to their students.

In the absence of an assistant principal at Stigall Primary, Sheehan has assumed and been successful in many of the roles and responsibilities that an assistant principal would contribute to a school.

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