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Strawberry Festival Royalty

Hostess Princess Royalty


HOSTESS PRINCESS – Katie Alexander is the new Hostess Princess and will reign over the 85th annual West Tennessee Strawberry Festival next year. Selected as the royalty court are (from left) 3rd Maid Chloe Patterson, daughter of TJ Patterson and Chris and Tammy Hill; 1st Maid Charley Cloud, daughter of Chuck and Christy Cloud; Hostess Princess Katie Alexander, daughter of Jessi Alexander; 2nd Maid Natalie Crews, daughter of Chad and Kim Crews; and 4th Maid Rainie Wiggins, daughter of Bobby and Nerissa Wiggins.

Territorial Queen Royalty


TERRITORIAL QUEEN – Kylie Baggett was crowned Territorial Queen Saturday evening and will reign over the 85th annual West Tennessee Strawberry Festival next year. Members of the Territorial court are (from left) 3rd Maid Edie Darby, daughter of Tandy and Kasi Darby; 1st Maid Emma Brewer, daughter of Jow and Kristina Brewer; Territorial Queen Kylie Baggett, daughter of Melanie Walker and Russ Baggett; 2nd Maid Emma Waycaster, daughter of Danny and Heather Waycaster; and 4th Maid Ashlyn Smith, daughter of Brad and Rebecca Smith.

Junior Hostess Princess Court


JUNIOR HOSTESS PRINCESS – Collins Prince was crowned Junior Hostess Princess of the 85th Strawberry Festival. Members of the court are (from left) 3rd Maid Bexley Laster, daughter of John and Christy Laster; 1st Maid Stella Sanford, daughter of Dru and Rachel Sanford; Junior Hostess Princess Collins Prince, daughter of Tyler and Jodie Prince; 2nd Maid Hattie McLemore, daughter of Corey and Lauren McLemore; and 4th Maid Lola Cate Reeves, daughter Perry and Crystal Reeves.


Miss Teen Territorial Royalty


MISS TEEN TERRITORIAL – Katherine Anna West was crowned Miss Teen Territorial Queen last week and will represent the 85th West Tennessee Strawberry Festival in 2023. The members of the Miss Teen Territorial court are (from left) 3rd Maid Abby Smith, daughter of James and Tas Smith; 1st Maid Ava Jade Nabors, daughter of Brandon and Alicia Nabors; Miss Teen Territorial Queen Katherine Anna West, daughter of Ben and Amy West; 2nd Maid Maddie Moore, daughter of Charlie and Michael Moore; and 4th Maid Ella Cate Haynes, daughter of Shannon and Loren Haynes.

Junior Miss Territorial Court


JUNIOR MISS TERRITORIAL – Farrah McDurmon won the crown as Junior Miss Territorial Queen for the 85th annual West Tennessee Strawberry Festival. Young ladies in the court are (from left) 3rd Maid Cacie Jo McNeill, daughter of Chad and Taffee McNeill; 1st Maid Juliet Joiner, daughter of Jennifer Joiner and the late James Joiner; Junior Miss Territorial Queen Farrah McDurmon, daughter of Patrick and Shawna McDurmon; 2nd Maid Kinsley Grace Wilson, daughter of Sara Wilson and Kelsey Robinson; and 4th Maid MaKayla Murphy, daughter of Hunter and Christy Murphy.

Little Miss Territorial Court



LITTLE MISS TERRITORIAL – Avery Emison was crowned Little Miss Territorial for the 85th Strawberry Festival. The court consists of (from left) 3rd Maid Brie Barker, daughter of Tyler and Selena Barker; 1st Maid Sutton Jezierny, daughter of Clint and Jennifer Jezierny; Little Miss Territorial Queen Avery Emison, daughter of RJ and April Emison; 2nd Maid Grace Ann Copley, daughter of Dewayne and Brandy Copley; and 4th Maid Kinsley Hopkins, daughter of Alex and Lindsey Hopkins.

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