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Medical professionals hold health fair

KEEPING YOU BERRY HEALTHY – Stephanie Boling, F.N.P (from left) discusses the health fair on Wednesday, April 13 with co-workers Erin Vester, x-ray technician, Kristy Johnson, R.N. and Kamryn Twilla at their booth showcasing Southern Health and Wellness Clinic.

by Ariel McRae

Gibson County citizens of all ages were welcomed out to the Humboldt Medical Center for a health fair event to provide information on wellness and free health screenings on Wednesday, April 14 from 8 a.m. through 12 p.m.

Booths from health organizations throughout the county were set up in support of the health fair. These medical companies arranged materials and presented the attendees with knowledge on their practices and what could be expected if they opted to partake in their services. These services covered medical needs such as long and short-term rehab for geriatric patients, weight management, primary care, convenient care, Alzheimer’s care and hospice as well as providing useful advice for caregivers of elderly relatives.

Candace Bankston and Julie Maxwell

Two individuals, Julie Maxwell and Candace Bankston, made this wellness experience into a reality with only one desire on their minds for the people of Gibson County to take away.

“I want to help citizens [of Gibson County],” Maxwell shared about the event. “The hope is that they [citizens] take away resources for better health opportunities in the future.”

She went on to explain that this was really the first chance the health communities of Humboldt and the surrounding cities have had to do a public outing centered around the general public since the beginning of covid in 2020. With the warmer weather starting and the covid levels down, Maxwell and Bankston wanted to ‘spring’ into action as soon as possible this spring to bring health screenings, medical resources and other necessary information to those who may not have the time otherwise.

Maxwell made sure to note that this experience would not have been a possibility without the help of Bankston. Bankston was at the event with the medical practice she works for, Southern Health and Wellness Clinic, which is headed by family nurse practitioners, Christy Ward and Stephanie Boling. The booth was decorated with strawberries to let the community know they may be a new organization but their roots are deep within the city of Humboldt.

“It [Southern Health and Wellness Clinic] has a great atmosphere,” Erin Vester gushed about the company. “We love each other like family.”

Bankston, Vester and the rest of the clinic agreed that their hearts are with Humboldt and their goal, with their practice and events like that of the health fair, is to bring life back to the community they love.

Maxwell and Bankston were ecstatic with the success of the event and that the hard work put into making it happen was well worth it.

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