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Ladies put their money where their mouth is

LADIES LUNCHEON – Humboldt City Schools Communications Director Ginger Carver (left) and Superintendent Dr. Janice Epperson are thrilled about the upcoming Leading Ladies Luncheon slated for April 6. During the luncheon, five HHS female seniors will receive scholarships, as well as have the opportunity to hear speakers and chat with prominent female leaders from the community.

by Danny Wade

A group of ladies put their heads together with hopes of building a community service project. Soon after, the project was in full swing and the first Humboldt Leading Ladies Scholarship Luncheon was born.

“We wanted to create community involvement with the undertone of student success,” said Dr. Janice Epperson, who was the brainchild for the luncheon. “What could we do? March was Women’s History Month, so celebrating women was on my mind.”

The luncheon will be held at the Opera House in downtown Humboldt on Wednesday, April 6 at noon.

Once the gears were turning, Dr. Epperson recruited all the ladies in Humboldt City Schools Central Office. With the focus on education, providing scholarships for Humboldt High School girls was their main goal.

“Humboldt Leading Ladies Scholarship Luncheon that will provide young ladies of Humboldt Jr./Sr. High School that will be graduating in the spring of 2022 with scholarship funds to further their education after graduation,” said Ginger Carver, director of communications for Humboldt City Schools. “All Humboldt City School females in the 2022 graduating class were provided the opportunity to apply for these scholarship funds in early February through the high school guidance counselors. Applications have been received and scored by reviewers. Recipients will be announced at the luncheon.”

Part of the application includes a written essay along with evidence of their community service and hard work throughout their high school careers.

Last week, Dr. Epperson said all the tables have been sold and they have received other donations to help fund the scholarships. She was ecstatic that all the tables were taken so quickly and more money was raised than expected.

“We planned for three scholarships of $500 but due to the participation, everyone will a scholarship of at least $500,” Dr. Epperson said. “Now, all five candidates will receive scholarships.”

But earning a scholarship is not the only aspect of the ladies luncheon. These young ladies will have the opportunity to meet people in the community. Speakers during the program will stress the importance of character and leadership. After all, these are the future leaders.

“This luncheon is being established to recognize the accomplishments of women in Humboldt and Gibson County, and will be a time for our ladies in leadership to provide shining examples of the confident role models each of them portrays in our community to the future leading ladies in our schools,” said Carver.

Dr. Epperson is a perfect example of what the Humboldt Leading Ladies Scholarship Luncheon is all about. She was a hometown girl attending Humboldt City Schools. She began a successful career in education and has now come back home to the town she loves. Her story is an inspiration and these five high school young ladies receiving scholarships will get a first-hand look at her journey to success and other successful Humboldt ladies, all while having a good time.

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