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Humboldt Library serves up books

Buffet line tempts readers’ taste buds with Thanksgiving smorgasbord of library books

by Katrina Smith

Sampling different foods will tickle your taste buds every time. While shopping in some stores, customers are able to do a taste test of food before they buy.

The Humboldt Public Library had a taste test last Tuesday, not with food but with books.  Ashley Niven, children’s librarian, had the tables set with Thanksgiving activity mats and harvest snacks.

“When John (Blankenship, library director) asked me what we are going to do for Thanksgiving, I had seen the ideas of book tasting events,” said Niven.  “I thought why not do a book tasting. It is Thanksgiving and this will be a fun way to spark the interests of reading new books.”

As the patrons came and sat at the tables, she passed out menus with titles of a variety of books.  With just one minute to flip through the books to see what sparked their taste buds, they passed it to the next person for review. Patrons became book critics and gave their reviews over what they sampled.  Not only were they able to skim read through books but they were also able to check out those books that tickled their taste buds.

There are so many more fun activities at the library this December. The children’s room will have many different reading adventures.

Tuesdays, the children will take a journey worldwide while learning and reading about holidays around the world.

Wednesdays will be story time. During story time, the children’s taste buds will be tickled even more as each story comes to life.

Thursdays, the teens will produce their Tween News broadcast and on

Fridays, there will be games and crafts.

The library will be closed on December 23 and 24 for Christmas.

For more information about these and other library events, call the Humboldt Public Library at 731-784-2383.

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