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Barnett brings girl power

by Katrina Smith 

Living in a world full of confusion can be overwhelming for some people. Times are different today than they were yesterday. The youth are faced with so many peer pressures such as bullying, self-esteem and self-worth. These peer pressures may be the same as yesterday but the weight of the pressures is harder than before. Today’s youth are crying out because they want someone to listen to them.

Who will stop and listen to the cries of our youth? Humboldt native and HHS graduate, Robyn Barnett has stepped up to the challenge to listen and motivate the youth, especially young girls, in Humboldt.

Barnett is the daughter of Robert and Ann Barnett who resides in Humboldt. Barnett was very studious and excelled academically. She was very active in extra curricular activities in school and at her church. After graduation from Humboldt High School, she continued her academic studies at Tennessee State University and earned her bachelor’s degree.

In 2016, she received the Northwest Youth of the Year Award from the Boys & Girls Club. No matter how hard things got, she never gave up. Humboldt is where her heart is and regardless to where she may be, she definitely loves her hometown.

Last Saturday, Barnett sponsored a free workshop for girls entitled, “I know who I am”. This workshop is an annual event but its topics tackle three of the toughest peer pressures the youth face today, including self-confidence, self-worth and bullying.

Barnett welcomed girls of all ages with a big smile and enthusiasm. The girls took pictures and had brunch while chatting with friends.

“I am so happy you came out today,” said Barnett. “I want each of you to know you are beautiful and you are not alone. When I was your age, I experienced issues with self-confidence, self-worth and bullying.”

The girls listened attentively as she spoke words of wisdom. Barnett thanked her parents for always supporting her and listening to her. She tearfully expressed how grateful she was to have support and love from her dear Aunt Lisa, who passed away during a pivotal moment in her life.

After the event, girls received favors in a gift box including hair barrettes, nail polish, hand sanitizer, perfume cards and candy. They also received a customized t-shirt all to remind them to never compromise who they are.

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