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Yahweh seeking alderwoman seat

The following is a paid political announcement submitted by the candidate.

Mrs. Yahweh Yahweh lives in Humboldt, Tenn. with her husband Mr. Yahweh and their puppy Abbie. She is running for the alderwoman position for Ward 2.

Yahweh realized that helping others unable to help themselves was a calling and not a career.

Prior to her tenure as a Gibson County commissioner representing district 4, she assisted with projects in Agona Kwanyako, Africa and Ghana, Africa creating policies and procedures, equipment for sanitation, improving the health and wellness for the local villages to help prevent the spread of diseases.

As an alderwoman of Humboldt, Yahweh commits to ensure that lawmakers keep proper education for sanitation, and health and wellness as an essential part of Humboldt’s concern.

It is time for Humboldt to be revitalized.

The main points Yahweh would like the voters to remember while in office are, structured education, community development, healthcare and taxpayers incentives.

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