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County EMS uses grant to update equipment

By Lori Cathey


Gibson County EMS Director Dan Fowlkes recently announced Gibson County was awarded a Stimulus Care Fund grant for new, updated advanced life support equipment for each of the county ambulances.

The Zoll X Series cardiac monitor and Zoll AutoPulse automated CPR device are used to immunize first responders’ exposure when treating COVID-19 patients. The Zoll X Series cardiac monitor has some new features and upgrades and can monitor firefighters’ exposure to carbon monoxide on a fire scene and detect carbon monoxide poisoning with the capabilities for real time monitoring. Other upgrades include two body temperature channel monitoring that are twice as light as previous models.

The Zoll AutoPulse automated CPR device is a machine that performs chest compressions at the perfect rate and depth to free up first responders to perform other lifesaving skills. Primary advantage of the device is that it provides consistent, high-quality, minimally interrupted chest compressions that can be maintained during defibrillation and is designed for patient movement and transport. Use of the AutoPulse is to return to spontaneous circulation, reduce the impact of first responders’ fatigue experience during CPR, and allow them to address additional patient needs.

AutoPulse is used in cases where manual CPR would normally be initiated and is not intended for patients with traumatic injury. AutoPulse provides perfect chest compressions that a human just can’t do.

“I’m extremely excited and thankful to have the new and updated equipment to treat the patients we serve,” Fowlkes said. “The monitor is the most used piece of equipment on the ambulance.”

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