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Yorkville School seeks recipes for cookbook

Yorkville School leaders are reaching out to students’ parents and families as well as community friends to collect recipes for a cookbook. All sales of the cookbook will benefit the school.

“When families gather, you seem to find most of the people in the kitchen because that is where the food is!” principal Sharon Sewell said. “Most of us have favorite foods from our childhood or others that seem to be served only when someone special is visiting or when visiting Grandma’s house. We want to preserve as many recipes as possible for generations to come.”

Recipes may be mailed to Yorkville School, 56 Nebo-Yorkville Road, Newbern, TN 38059, delivered to the school, or emailed to lees6@gcssdorg. Families may also send their recipes to school with their student(s). Email is preferred.

Deadline to submit recipes is Friday, Feb. 5.

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