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‘Tis the Season to Lock Your Doors

‘Tis the Season to Lock Your Doors
Police warn about post-holiday break-ins

By Logan Watson

A rash of recent burglaries around Milan have police urging residents to make sure their doors are locked before turning in for a long winter’s nap.
The holiday season is, well, like Christmas for opportunistic thieves. Families make the mistake of leaving boxes from expensive gifts, like televisions and gaming systems, out on the street with the rest of the post-Christmas debris. Porch pirates take note of homes that get multiple deliveries from UPS and FedEx. Crooks either scoop up the deliveries when no one is looking or wait until the residents take a long trip to visit loved ones, then break in for a very merry Christmas at your expense.
There are some things you can do to keep your Christmas goodies secure, such as having packages delivered to your workplace or cutting electronics boxes into small pieces that can be thrown away in trash bags, but often, it’s the simplest things that can keep you the most secure.
Like locking your doors.
Milan is a small town, but it’s not Mayberry. There are still criminals looking to take advantage of your good fortune, and Milan Police Chief Bobby Sellers is urging residents to lock their doors and keep their valuables out of sight.
“We had some reports of prowlers downtown checking vehicles and sheds to see if they were unlocked,” Chief Sellers said. “It has other folks nearby a little worried.”
Chief Sellers stated that residents in the city had reported suspicious people walking around their homes on McAlister Street, and several vehicles outside of Arnold’s Beauty School and Summit Management were burglarized after they were left unlocked. Suspects have been charged in the thefts at Arnold’s Beauty School, but Chief Sellers reminded residents to remain vigilant about protecting their property.
If you see anyone suspicious in your neighborhood, be sure to contact the Milan Police Department at 686-3009.

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