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Sales tax revenues decline across Gibson County

By Logan Watson


The majority of Gibson County saw a slight dip in Local Option Sales Tax collections for the month of August, according to data recently received from the Tennessee Department of Revenue. Net collections in many municipalities have trended downward since early summer, when the COVID-19 shutdowns were at their peak.

Trenton netted $124,351.91 in sales tax revenues in August, down $8,550.84 from the previous month’s total. Dyer’s collections fell by $7,119.67 for a total of $61,323.37 in revenues. Medina reported a net total of $67,271.71, ending the month $5,772.70 below July’s collections.

Rutherford netted $23,566.65 in sales tax dollars for August, down $3,798.48 from the previous month. Collections in Yorkville fell by $2,412.23, ending the month with a net total of $2,760.08. Humboldt drew $17,310.17 less than their July total, reporting $164,665.10 for the month of August. Net sales tax collections in Milan declined as well, reporting $462,620.45 in revenues for a decrease of $31,646.48 from July’s total.

Gibson experienced a slight increase of $224.87 in their sales tax revenue, reporting $7,868.72. Bradford netted $16,476.58, increasing their sales tax collections by $541.81. Kenton reported $10,707.49 in sales tax revenue, down only $29.49 from July. Gibson County at large reported $133,484.71, increasing revenues by $6,809.10.

Note: These reports compare only the reported net collections of each municipality to the previous month. The amount of revenue returned to each city is half of the net collection amount, minus a 1% fee. Funds collected by Gibson County at large go directly to the Gibson County Highway Department.

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