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Rutherford volunteers seek donations for Christmas Cheer Program

By Ann Abbott


Everyone knows that this has been a difficult year for our citizens, so we all need some cheering up. A good opportunity to begin our cheering is with the Rutherford Christmas Cheer Program.  Getting involved with the program, physically and financially can help you and others.

Several of our people have lost loved ones. Some have lost jobs or were furloughed for a time. Everyone has been limited in their travel and families have missed attending church.

Let’s use this opportunity to help our neighbors as well as ourselves. It might amaze you how much it can help just getting involved.

Longtime sponsors of this program are Lions Club, American Legion Post and Woodmen of the World. Your help is needed to make the program a continued success. It is the desire of these organizations to let our people know they are being remembered and wished a happy holiday. All donors will be recognized and thanked.

Financial donations are needed to purchase gift bags, fruit, candy and groceries. You may leave your donation with Nathan Smith, Bob White, Barbara White or Barbara Weimer. If it is more convenient for you, leave it at City Hall.

We continue to tweak the list of recipients. If you know of someone whose name should be on the list, please notify Ann Abbott.

Packing and delivery dates will be announced later.

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