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Dyer sets Christmas parade Dec. 5

By Cara Zarecor




On Nov. 9, Dyer officials met for their first board meeting since the general election, where Mayor Chris Younger was decidedly re-elected. With all alderpersons present, Younger opened the meeting by announcing some important upcoming dates.

The city’s annual Christmas parade will be held Saturday, Dec. 5, starting at 5 p.m. Lineup will begin at 4 p.m. at Tate’s Kwik Stop.

“I’m not sure yet if they’ll make the route longer so people can spread out or not,” Younger said. “I’ll get with Chief Lindsey, that way if there is a longer route, they can man that.”

Younger also announced that with the help of Alderman and Vice Mayor Ray Carroll, he will be making some changes to the board’s committees beginning Jan. 1 that will include board members, citizens of Dyer and department heads.

Property tax relief – In the finance and personnel report, City Recorder Nathan Reed said that city property tax notices had gone out and that Dyer City Hall had already had citizens sign up for the state’s tax relief program this year who had never been previously aware of it. Reed wants to raise awareness of the program and gave a detailed explanation of how the program works.

“Tennessee law provides for tax relief for low-income elderly and disabled homeowners, as well as disabled veterans or their spouses,” he said. “Tax relief is available for both city and county taxes. A separate application is required for each. The first year, applicants must pay the full amount of taxes due and the state [then] mails them a check for the tax relief. Subsequent years, an application is pre-filled for applicants and the city or county gets a credit to apply toward the property tax for an eligible individual. As an example, if your property tax is $200 and you qualify as an elderly or disabled homeowner, you would receive a $140 credit, leaving you a balance of $60 to pay for city taxes. The amount of tax relief changes from year to year based on the tax amount and the local assessments.

“This tax relief doesn’t cost the City of Dyer or Gibson County anything, as the tax relief program is funded through the state. We want as many people as possible to apply; I know there are many eligible homeowners in Dyer who have never applied.

“To be eligible for disabled or elderly relief, the maximum 2019 income is $30,700 (for all residents at the home). There is no income limit for disabled veterans or their surviving spouses.”

Reed advised that more information is available at

New business – Younger said that he has asked Street Superintendent Dale Carroll to get a list of street patches that need to be done. Younger said that in the meantime, the street crew will be working on College Street where the road is sinking.

After some discussion about the accounts payable, all members voted unanimously to pay the outstanding total of $40,425.

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