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Morning Mingle returns to downtown

First Mingle since February due to COVID pandemic

by Mindy East

The Humboldt Chamber of Commerce held their first Morning Mingle since the pandemic Friday morning at the Coffee Shop.

With it being the first “mingle” since February, a good-sized crowd turned out for the event. Most came to catch up with area business men and women but all came to have a sense of normalized networking.

The Morning Mingle is a way for area businesses and even non-local businesses to come and talk about what their business has going on, what they can offer you to help in any way. It is also a great networking idea where different types of businesses can come together and talk about what has been working for them lately and helping others think outside of the box.

Upon entering the Coffee Shop attendees were greeted by Beth Culpepper and Sydney Crews and encouraged to use hand sanitizer. With all precautions taking place a fantastic idea was given with the option to wear wrist bracelets- orange to mingle or black to mingle from a distance, if at all.   

Warm smiles, laughter and the smell of hot coffee seemed to fill the air as everyone visited. For just short time things seemed as though they were back to normal. For the past seven to eight months people have missed out on socializing with others. Let’s admit it, communicating by emails and phone calls are just not the same as face-to-face communication.

While everyone played catch up they were all also awaiting the arrival of the guest speaker for the morning, Senator John Stevens. Stevens was asked to talk about an issue affecting many of the local businesses – the COVID-19 Liability Shield Bill that the Legislature voted on in August. The legislation that would have been discussed bars claims against any person, business, health-care provider, nonprofit, religious group, or government entity related to COVID-19 exposure, testing, or medical treatment. Anyone filing a virus-related liability lawsuit would have to overcome several legal hurdles; including showing the defendant’s actions amounted to gross negligence or willful misconduct. But unfortunately Senator Stevens had a last minute family engagement and was unable to attend. So in true Chamber fashion, Chamber Director Amanda Love took the reins and gave a short run down on events and things happening in Humboldt and encouraged everyone to get out to shop and support small businesses. 

The Chamber is hoping to continue the monthly Morning Mingle as things continue to go to the new normal and as always everyone is welcome to attend.

WARM SMILES AND HOT COFFEE – The Humboldt Chamber held its first Morning Mingle since Feburary. With a slightly smaller crowd those that did attend enjoyed “mingling” with others. A few of those were (center) Kelly Walker catching up with (back facing camera) Amanda Love.

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