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Mikkelsen seeks re-election to Dyer board

The following political announcement is paid for by the candidate.


My name is Tom Mikkelsen. I live in Dyer. My family and I moved to Dyer in 1971, my senior year in high school. That is the same year we started Poly-M Contractors. We have enjoyed providing custom built homes in Dyer and the surrounding communities since that time. We also enjoyed bringing the Willow Oaks senior living community to our town.

Six years ago, I decided to run for city alderman for the City of Dyer. Prior to that, I had never been active in city government. I have learned many important things about city government and how it takes many people working together, with many good ideas, to support and manage a city. It has been my pleasure to serve the citizens of Dyer in the capacity. We have accomplished many things in the past six years. However, we have more goals that need to be accomplished in order to see that Dyer continues to grow and prosper for our future generations. I humbly ask for your vote this November for my re-election to the city board.

While I truly appreciate the time and energy that our current mayor has given the city of Dyer, I do believe we need new leadership to move our city forward. Our town has many needs that must be met in order to attract local industry, new business growth, and increase our tax base to support city growth. Only then will Dyer be able to meet those needs. This will only be accomplished with proven leadership and experience in City Hall.

I have had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Jim Hesse. Jim and his wife, Susan, moved to Dyer five years ago after retiring from his engineering position in Mississippi. Susan continues working part time at Dyer Nursing & Rehab as a nurse. I have spent countless hours hearing Jim’s personal vision for our town. Jim is a businessman, with many years of program management and problem-solving skills. He knows how to work with a budget and how to balance a budget. He has invested countless hours researching our city government and how it could be better managed. He has also committed to working full time at City Hall as our mayor if elected. I am encouraging each of you to consider voting for Jim Hesse as our new mayor.

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