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In-person, virtual students will be fed

All Humboldt students will be offered breakfast and lunch, five days a week

MEALS FROM SCHOOL – With school beginning this week, Humboldt City Schools is assuring that every student receives breakfast and lunch each day. For students that will be virtual learning this year, they may pick up five breakfasts and five lunches on Mondays to last the entire week. Students attending in person will be served breakfast in the classroom and have a hot lunch prepared in the cafeteria. They will also take home three breakfasts and lunches for other three days they attend school at home. Here, (from left) Sylvia Hall and Tyrone Cole hand out a sack of meals to student Jodi Coleman and her mom, Stephanie Deter (inside vehicle).


by Danny Wade


School has changed drastically due to the COVID pandemic as to how students will attend—from home or the classroom. One thing that will not change is all Humboldt students will still receive breakfast and lunch each day.

All school meals will remain at no cost to the students this year, according to Ginny Hatch, food services director for Humboldt City Schools.
With some students attending school in person and others attending virtually online at home, Hatch and the cafeteria staff had to come up with a plan.

“Each school will have certain grades or groups going to school two days per week,” said Hatch. “While the students are at school, they will receive a healthy breakfast and a hot lunch. For the days the students will be at home doing virtual learning, they will be given a breakfast and lunch to take home for that day.”

If a student attends school on Monday, then they will be given one breakfast and one lunch to take home for Tuesday. On Wednesday, they will receive meals to take home for Thursday and Friday, Hatch explained.

Breakfast will still be eaten in the classroom, while lunch will be made fresh and hot in the cafeteria. Students attending in person will have lunch periods at different intervals to keep student safety a priority. Students will social distance in the cafeteria and in the hallways coming and going.

For students that are doing complete virtual learning at home, the parent or guardian will be able to pick up five breakfast and lunch meals in the office on Mondays from 9-11 a.m. to last them the full week. These meals are only offered to students attending Humboldt City Schools Virtual Learning program.

Hatch said this program is not like the school system’s summer meals program where any child under the age of 18 can be fed at no charge.  If the parent has multiple children doing virtual learning, then they will be able to pick up all student meals at one location. They do not have to go to each individual school to get meals for their students attending other schools in the district.

“We will also be offering after school snacks and supper meals again this year for any after school activity such as band, sports and CASA,” Hatch added. “These meals must be eaten on site. The snacks consist of one grain item and fruit juice. The supper meals consist of one meat, one vegetable, one fruit, bread and milk.”

All of this may sound confusing, and it is to some extent. But making sure Humboldt students have a healthy breakfast and lunch each day is important. It’s hard for kids to learn when they are hungry.

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