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Bradford student aims to discourage distracted driving

By Crystal Burns


A Bradford High School freshman wants her classmates and teachers to keep their eyes on the road when driving.

Chloe Goff, winner of the Miss Nashville Teen Volunteer pageant, chose Chloe’s Drive to End Distracted Driving as her platform for the statewide contest. Goff spoke to the Bradford Special School District board last week and asked for permission to post 16’x24’ vinyl signs on campus to discourage students, faculty, and staff from driving while distracted.

Goff said that in the United States, nine people are killed and more than 1,000 are injured due to distracted driving each day.

Goff, the daughter of Troy and Angie Harrington and the late Mike Goff, has a deeply personal reason for ending distracted driving. When her mother was 3.5 months pregnant, Angie and Mike, high school sweethearts who had been married three years, were struck by a distracted driver. Mike died on the scene, and Angie suffered several injuries and had many surgeries. Doctors first told Angie that she had lost her unborn baby due to the injuries she sustained.

“But God prevailed,” Angie said.

Goff said the signs to be placed at the parking lot entrances and exits would have a simple message noting the dangers of distracted driving. She also said she plans to meet with Gibson County Mayor Tom Witherspoon about posting signs at other locations in the county.

“I want to save someone’s life through this,” Goff said.

There is no cost to the school district.

“I think your platform is very important for us,” said Director of Schools Dan Black.

The board unanimously voted to authorize Goff to post the signs.

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