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Real Estate Transfers

Fred’s Stores of Tennessee, Inc. to Fridss, LP – Trenton – $389,957.53

Anthony Trent Tucker to Roy Johnston and Duane Johnston, Trustees of the Elaine E. Johnston Family Trust, – Rutherford – $32,000

Jessica Cowan, f/k/a Jessica Lynn Lee, to Greg Smith – Medina – $160,000

Fred’s Stores of Tennessee, Inc. to Fridss, LP – Humboldt – $529,228.08

Richard S. Shahan to Aubree D. Bates – Medina – $212,500

Betty Gail Turner, Edward A. Wiley and Jeremy Edward Wiley to Joe Don Harden and wife, Jane Harden – Rutherford – $13,000

Clark Family Homes, LLC to Angela L. Lindsey – Medina – $200,900

JPMorgan Chase Bank, National Association to Andrew Bomar and Tiffany Bomar – Humboldt – $26,500

Cathey M. Jones to Jessica Cowan – 13th CD – $60,000

Fifth Third Bank as Successor by merger to Fifth Third Mortgage Company to Jerry L. Gordon and Nancy R. Gordon – Gibson – $60,840

Schneider Estates, LLC to John Moore – Milan – $100,000

Albert Edward Dutton and wife, Denise A. Dutton to David Leon Williams and wife, Joni Lynn Williams – Kenton – $292,000

Tricia Lacy and husband, Jason A. Lacy to Timothy S. Becker and wife, Hollie D. Becker – Medina – $227,000

Clark Family Holdings, LLC to Terry Steven Harris and wife, Marlyce Qualyn Harris – Medina – $259,900

Marty Capps to Christopher K. McKee – Medina – $227,775

Jeff Johnson and Adam Conatser to Charles Alexander and Jesse Alexander – Humboldt – $175,000

Anthony Keith West to Loren Hines and wife, Sherrie Hines – Milan – $2,500

Timothy Fuchs and Cindy Fuchs Lomax, a/k/a Cindy Fuchs Hudgins to Anthony Keith West – Milan – $2,500

Anthony Keith West to Loren Hines and wife, Sherrie Hines – Milan – $57,500

Patricia Ann Johnstone and Mark Gregory Johnstone, Co-Trustees of the James Ferris Johnstone Family Trust, to Milton Lloyd Poole, Jr. – Trenton – $92,500

Lone Oak Holdings, LLC to Haitham Asad and Ramzi Qaadan – Trenton – $65,000

W.L. Hundley and wife, Wilma Hundley to James Haynes and wife, Sheila Haynes, Dianne Reaves and Derek Haynes – Humboldt – $37,000

Christopher Harvey Gordon to Gauri K. Patel and Kamlesh Javer Patel – 20th CD – $9,000

Emily Nichols Pulley, Rebecca Nichols Bryant, Thomas P. Nichols, Howard L. Nichols and Nancy Nichols Goodrich to Sonya Carol Goodrich – Medina – $67,500

Brian Jay Hurst and wife, Tammy M. Hurst to Eric W. Davis and wife, Amy L. Davis – Medina – $370,000

Walter Miles, Jr. to Deborah Bennett – Dyer – $53,000

Jimmy Fish and wife, Diane Fish to Tammy Nichole Patterson – Humboldt – $85,000

Linda B. York to Keith Beard and wife, Lianne Beard – Milan – $10,000

Elbert W. Shanklin and wife, Judy C. Shanklin to Brittney Leann Davis – Dyer – $58,500

Richardson D. Bell and wife, Donna J. Bell to W&W Farms LLC – Rutherford – $23,086

Ronny Dycus and wife, Patricia Dycus to Michael D. Brogdon and wife, Cassandra Brogdon – Milan – $14,500

Doris Creecy-Laughlin to Sonya Campbell – Trenton – $125,500

William Ray Burns and wife, Eugenia Cleo Burns to Wilma Jo Griggs, as Trustee of the Wilma Jo Griggs Revocable Living Trust – Kenton – $20,000

Donald Leggett and wife, Norma Leggett to Sheila Ann McGowan and husband, Stuart Hammond McGowan – Medina – $210,000

Jeff Harrison to Robert J. Clark – 13th CD – $7,800

Jerry Wayne Shelton and wife, Janice Cooper Shelton to Philip Plyler and wife, Sarah Plyler – Milan – $110,000

David Gordon to Marsha Wood – Trenton – $57,900

Bradley Lindsey and wife, Kristi Lindsey to Derek Ryan – Medina – $204,900

David L. Pickering and Virginia M. Borzellere to Brenda Joy Cultra and husband, Randall Gene Cultra – Trenton – $82,400

Terry Walker and Deborah Tate to Gary Don Thompson and wife, Shelly Carol Thompson – 6th CD – $234,680

Cynthia B. Saveh to Sakeitha L. Williams – Medina – $141,000

KOKA Development, LLC to Clark Family Holdings, LLC – Medina – $ 50,000

Carolyn Zimmerman to Justin Schroeder and wife, Allison Whitener Schroeder – Dyer – $201,000

Joshua W. Barker and wife, Quentella Barker to Cherie Martin and husband, Joshua Martin – Medina – $169,900

Timothy J. Malone and wife, Pamela K. Malone to Roy L. Bonds, Jr and wife, Chasita Bonds – Trenton – $25,000

Janet Trueman to Mark A. Thornton and wife, Peggy S. Thornton – Medina – $195,000

Marsha Witwer, f/k/a Marsha B. Forsyth, to Hannah Hill – Trenton – $70,000

Jerry G. Sowell to Juan Blanco and Sayra Perez-Padilla – Humboldt – $90,000

Terry Gene Wynn to Manish Patel – Humboldt – $29,000

Barry Allen, d/b/a Barry Allen Construction, to R. Alan Barnwell and wife, Ann H. Barnwell – Milan – $236,900

Lonney C. Miller and wife, Mary Miller to Kevin Matthew Hornsby and wife, Candace Nicole Hornsby – Rutherford – $161,000

James Belew Beasley, Jr.  to Craig Hollaway – Milan – $144,000

Sarah Jo Cunningham, f/k/a Sarah Jo Maitland, to Thomas P. McCaslin and wife, Pamela J. McCaslin – Humboldt – $90,000

Carthel Jack Finch and wife, Debbie Ann Finch to Station Nine Rescue Squad – Rutherford – $45,000

Alan Rasmussen and wife, Marlene Rasmussen to Ed Norman – Trenton – $5,000

Darryl Horne and wife, Susan H. Horne to Kenneth Z. Hilliard and Morgan R. Law – Medina – $345,000

Buried Treasures, LLC and Helen M. Eaton to Jason T. Martin – Milan – $83,000

Sam Stinson to Hi Tech Properties L.C. – Milan – $135,000

Edward Korn, III and wife, Heather Korn to Myron L. Medlin and wife, Kristine E. Medlin – Trenton – $210,000

Brenton Moore and wife, Courtney Moore to Taw W. Sipes – Milan – $157,000

Hale Estates, LLC to Clark Family Holdings, LLC – Humboldt – $60,000

HAK Acquisitions, LLC to Matthew T. Heisler and wife, Aimee Michelle Heisler – Milan – $187,500

Hilda Ann Stanley, Mark Dale Stanley and wife, Leah Anne Stanley to Patrick M. Hughes and wife, Carrie L. Hughes – Humboldt – $139,900

Lora Parris to Max A. Dashnaw and wife, Billie J. Dashnaw – Medina – $124,900

Robert Spencer, Jr. and Sandra Spencer Barkley, as Co-Personal Representatives of the Estate of Robert Lynn Spencer, Sr., to Justin A. Parrish – Medina – $224,000

Daryle Ray Laster to AP Vanguard TN Chapter 001, Inc – Bradford – $30,000

David S. Kinniburgh and wife, Janette Kinniburgh to Bradley T. Zill and wife, Amanda M. Zill – Medina – $253,900

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