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Trenton Light & Water receives perfect score on water survey

By Crystal Burns

Trenton Light & Water employees are celebrating the perfect sanitary survey score the water system received in March.

Daniel Pillow, environmental consultant in the Tennessee Division of Water Resources Jackson Environmental Field Office, sent the findings to Trenton Mayor Ricky Jackson March 13. Pillow said the Trenton water system earned 599 points out of a possible 549 for a perfect score of 100 percent. The rating places the system in the state’s approved category.

“This is a big thing for Trenton Light & Water,” General Manager Joe Wamble said. “It shows the level of professionalism of our staff, and we’re glad we have that dedication from our employees.”

The sanitary survey consists of a records review to document the operational performance of the water system, including the source water and distribution systems. The survey covered the time period from November 2016 to present.

In the general comments section of the report, Pillow wrote, “Your water system has made significant improvements in operations and maintenance that directly affect the quality of water produced for your customers. Your staff is to be commended for their ongoing efforts to provide safe, clean drinking water for the citizens of Gibson County.”

“We want our customers to know their water id excellent, and we’re glad to provide that service to them,” Wamble said.

In addition to calculating a sanitary survey rating score, the state is also required to calculate and track an Enforcement Targeting Tool (ETT) score for each month for each Tennessee regulated water system. The ETT score is based on an EPA calculating procedure. Unlike a deficiency point deduction for a violation that occurs during a survey period, the calculated ETT score accumulates monthly and highlights violations that continue unaddressed. The current ETT score for the Trenton water system is 0.

Pillow praised all Trenton Light & Water employees but specifically lauded Stacy Rice, the certified operator for the water system.

“I would like to thank him for his courtesy, willingness to work with the division, and timely responses provided to division requests,” Pillow wrote.

One recommendation

Pillow had one recommendation for Trenton Light & Water.

“During this sanitary survey, it was noted that Wells No. 3 and No. 4 have been inundated by flood waters in the past,” he wrote. “The division recommends your water system consider extending the foundation and casing of these wells to an elevation that is above the potential flood level.”

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