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Park speed limit set, speed bumps on the way

Three Way mayor, alderman to be sworn in prior to January 5 meeting

Mayor Larry Sanders

Three Way officials are moving forward to keep traffic at the city park moving at a safe speed. During the December meeting of the Three Way Board of Mayor and Aldermen, the board approved two measures to assure visitors to Pine Hill Park are safe when it comes to traffic.

The first measure was to set the speed limit at 10 mph inside the park. Mayor Larry Sanders presented the second reading of Ordinance 2018-2 establishing the speed limit in Pine Hill Park that was brought up for a vote.

Alderlady Mary Ann motioned to approve the second reading while Alderman Danny Wade seconded. The motion passed unanimously.

With the speed limit now set, the board also took action designating the city of Three Way as payee on fines or penalties. Mayor Sanders presented Ordinance 2018-3 that would amend Ordinance 2017-8 to now include the newly pass Ordinance 2018-2, establishing the speed limit at Pine Hill Park and the city as payee.

The first reading of Ordinance 2018-3 was approved unanimously.

The second measure to slow traffic inside the park was discussed and approved. During the November board meeting, the board discussed installing a speed bump at the entrance of the Pine Hill Park. At the time, a couple of options were discussed. The board asked Mayor Sanders to get some options with pricing and present it during the December meeting.

Board members had literature included in their board packet for the December 3 meeting gathered by Mayor Sanders. One option was for a speed bump, the other for a speed hump. Sanders explained the difference between the two. He said both are two inches tall but a speed bump is shorter in length so the two-inch rise is steeper. The speed hump is longer in length. Because of this, the hump does not slow traffic as drastically as a speed bump.

The board voted to give Mayor Sanders the authority to purchase and install a speed bump.

In other board action:

•Mayor Sanders gave an update on the Turner Loop Bridge replacement. He said the documents have been approved and signed. A pre-construction meeting will be held to discuss the project. Some work is already underway such as moving any utilities that would be affected by the bridge construction.

Mayor Sanders said April 1, 2019 is the start date for actual construction with completion within 90 days.

Sanders said once the project if finished, the city will receive one bill that will be filed with the state for reimbursement.

•The city was notified of an increase in the employee insurance rates. The new rate exceeds the limit set by the board, prompting action.

In 2012, the board approved Resolution R2012-12 that established the amount the city will pay for employee health insurance. Last week the board unanimously approved R2012-12E that would amend the resolution to increase the amount allocated for employee insurance not to exceed $350.

•The board approved the city’s 2017-18 audit report. The report showed one finding. The finding was due to the paving company beginning a street-paving project too early.

The project was approved in the 2018-19 city budget and was not to begin until after June 30, 2018. The paving company started the project early, which prompted the finding.

•It was announced that Mayor Sanders and Alderlady Tremblay will be sworn into office prior to the January 7, 2019 board meeting at 6:45 p.m. Both Sanders and Tremblay were unopposed during the November election and will serve another 4-year term.

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