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Winning Recipes-a Berry Treat

BEST OF SHOW – The Best of Show at the 81st annual West Tennessee Strawberry Festival Recipe Contest goes to Denise Jones (center) for her Strawberry Cake. Judges from Conagra, sponsor of the Recipe Contest, presenting the Best of Show award are (from left) Nakia Jackson, Jennifer Wesson, (Jones), Lisa Barr and Crystal Chambers.


PRESIDENT’S CHOICE – Strawberry Festival President Melissa Swingler (right) thought Havannah Wood’s Nutty Bunch of Berries Salad was absolutely scrumptious, winning the President’s Choice award.


QUEENS’ CHOICE – Kimberlie White (center) dazzled the taste buds of Hostess Princess Hadley Lindsey (left) and Territorial Queen Bentley Gordon, taking home the Queens’ Choice award with her Mini Strawberry Monkey Bread.


HONOREE’S CHOICE – Strawberry Festival Honoree Mary Key Roe (right) was extremely fond of Cynthia Chandler-Snell’s Strawberry Festival Cheesecake, earning her the Honoree’s Choice award.


CHAMBER’S CHOICE – Teresa Wade’s (right) Strawberry Mango Pico was Humboldt Chamber of Commerce Executive Director Amanda Love’s favorite dish, winning the Chamber’s Choice award.


BERRY’S CHOICE – Little Elyse Wilkerson was a big winner with her Strawberry Crisp, receiving the Berry’s Choice award.


FIRST PLACE WINNERS – After all the Choice awards were selected, the top three dishes by category were selected. Winning first place by category are (from left) Kinsley Chapman in Kid’s category, Donna Hardemon in Salad, Cynthia Chandler-Snell in Miscellaneous, Bailey Gordon in Pie and Violet Simmons in Cake.


Category winners

1st – Violet Simmons – Strawberry Cake
2nd – Billie Ann Ward – Strawberry French Cake
3rd – Cortney Maitland – Strawberry Shortcake Poke

1st – Bailey Gordon – Bailey’s Strawberry Pie
2nd – Cynthia Chandler-Snell – Strawberry Lemonade Crumble Pie
3rd – Debra Spiegel – Strawberry Marshmallow Pie

1st – Cynthia Chandler-Snell – Strawberry Mango Salad
2nd – Country Cabin – Strawberry Shortcake
3rd – Cynthia Chandler-Snell – Strawberry Swirl fudge

1st – Donna Hardemon – Strawberry Spinach Salad
2nd – Cynthia Chandler-Snell – Humboldt Corner House Frozen Fruit Salad

1st – Kinsley Chapman – Kinsley’s Fruit Cookie
2nd – Hannah Fowler – Strawberry Chess Squares
3rd – Josie Culpepper – Strawberry Cobbler

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