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Strawberry Festival Hostess & Territorial Revues will reign over 82nd festival

Hostess Princess Revue

HOSTESS PRINCESS – Meghan Poore was selected to reign over the 82nd Strawberry Festival as Hostess Princess. She is the daughter of Tammy Poore and the late David Poore. The Hostess Princess court are (from left) 3rd Maid Amanda Nicole Simmons, daughter of James and Angela Simmons; 1st Maid Colby Grace Cloud, daughter of Chuck and Christy Cloud; (Hostess Princess Poore); 2nd Maid Brooklyn Grace Smith, daughter of Shawn and Kimberly Smith; and 4th Maid Haley Hill, daughter of Heather Hill Bratton and Rob Hill.

Territorial Revue

MISS TERRITORIAL – Loral Winn was crowned Territorial Queen Saturday night and will reign over the 82nd Strawberry Festival next year. She is the daughter of Albert and Shelly Winn. Her court consists of (from left) 3rd Maid Bre Williams, daughter of Tracy Boucher and Brian Williams; 1st Maid Macy Garner, daughter of Brian and Velvet Garner; (Queen Loral); 2nd Maid Olivia Davis, daughter of Monty and Crystal Davis; and 4th Maid Alison Reagor, daughter of Susan and Eddie Reagor.

Junior Hostess Princess

JUNIOR HOSTESS PRINCESS – Jr. Hostess Princess, Brinlee Bunney, daughter of Carla and Dave Bunney, will serve as the Junior Hostess Princess during next year’s Strawberry Festival. Her court consists of (from left) 3rd Maid Kylee Perry, daughter of Joey and Cassie Perry; 1st Maid McKayla Murphy, daughter of Hunter and Christy Murphy; (Queen Brinlee); 2nd Maid Sadie Sanders, daughter of Robin and DeKarie Sanders; and 4th Maid Ella Grace McManis, daughter of Brandon and Sarah McManis.


Miss Teen Territorial

MISS TEEN TERRITORIAL – Chosen to serve as the 82nd West Tennessee Strawberry Festival Miss Teen Territorial Queen next year is Ramsey Kate Crouse, daughter of Stephen and Tiffany Crouse. The Teen Territorial court is made up of (from left) 3rd Maid Megan Tidwell, daughter of Lisa and Kenny Tidwell; 1st Maid Kathie Washburn, daughter of Brad and Christina Washburn; (Queen Ramsey); 2nd Maid Dani Dyer, daughter of Susan Dyer and Ryan Dyer; and 4th Maid Sloan Bearden, daughter of Steven and Jennie Beth Bearden.


Junior Miss Territorial

JUNIOR MISS TERRITORIAL – Reigning over the 82nd West Tennessee Strawberry Festival next year will be Junior Miss Territorial Queen Olivia Arnold, daughter of Mark and Sally Arnold. Member of her court are (from left) 3rd Maid Kylie Tippitt, daughter of Brannon and Summer Tippitt; 1st Maid Evan Wright, daughter of Ashley and Adam Wright; (Queen Olivia); 2nd Maid Brenlee Blado, daughter of Lori Nelson and Kenneth Blado; and 4th Maid Hannah Fowler, daughter of Jeremy and Brittany Fowler.


Little Miss Territorial

LITTLE MISS TERRITORIAL – Aleecia Williams was chosen Little Miss Territorial Queen for next year’s 82nd annual West Tennessee Strawberry Festival. She is the daughter of La Shonda Williams. Her court consists of (from left) 3rd Maid Kinsley Grace Wilson, daughter of Sara Wilson and Kelsey Robinson; 1st Maid Sophie Lepinski, daughter of Tom and Jennifer Crutchfield and Chuck Lepinski; (Queen Aleecia); 2nd Maid Farrah Jolie McDurmon, daughter of Patrick and Shauna McDurmon; and 4th Maid Emma Moore, daughter of Chris Moore and Jana Moore.

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