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Gibson police officer terminated over alleged sexual comments

Larry Morris

Gibson fires police officer over alleged sexual comments

By Victor Parkins

The Gibson City Board of Aldermen voted unanimously to terminate Sgt. Larry Morris Monday night in a special called meeting.
Morris was placed on unpaid administrative leave after a motorist filed a complaint against him on March 17, alleging that he made improper, sexual comments to her during a traffic stop.
After reviewing the conclusions of an investigation conducted by the Jackson Police Department’s Professional Standards Unit, Gibson board members voted 4-0 to terminate Morris.
Before the vote, City Attorney Daniel Rogers told board members they had five options based on the findings of the investigation.  They could reprimand him, either in writing or orally, suspend him further, demote him, or terminate his position with the city.
Rogers said statements made by Morris to JPD Investigators indicated that he had violated six city policies, including Standard Conduct, Offensive Statements, Misconduct, Coarse Language, Excessive Conversation and Failure to Notify Police Dispatch for a traffic stop.  During the meeting, another complaint was made against Morris by a concerned citizen.
Gibson Mayor Jimmy Hill asked Rogers if he had a recommendation based on the investigation.
“You’ve been put on notice, so you’ll be held to a higher standard if this happens again,” said Rogers.  “What happens next is your choice,” he said.
Vice-Mayor Chris Houck said there were only two options as far as he was concerned.
“I’m disturbed by this report.  He’s admitted to some of this,” said Houck.   I think we either suspend him or terminate him.”
Alderman Jerry Morris was very clear about how he felt.
“He has violated five policies and I don’t want a man like that working for me,” noted Morris.  “You have to conduct yourself like a police officer verbally or it is a reflection on the police department.”
Mayor Hill said the city and Board of Aldermen had improved their image over the last few months, and said the city didn’t need the liability if a similar incident happened again.
“What kind of precedent are we setting if we allow this?” asked Hill.  “You own the liability if he does this again.  Use your back bone, not your wish bone.  I can assure you we can verify other cases like this.  How much of this are we going to take?” he exclaimed.
Alderman Clyde Fry cautioned the board against a potential lawsuit if they terminated Morris.
“We can settle this tonight, but we can’t ever walk away from it,” Fry added.  “We’ve been through a lawsuit before and I don’t want to go through it again.”
Alderman Morris made a motion to release Sgt. Morris of his duties due to violating multiple department policies.  The motion was seconded by Josh Meals with Houck and Fry making the vote 4-0.  Alderman Billy Loflin was unable to attend the meeting.


  1. Phyllis A Jackman on April 18, 2018 at 8:47 pm

    I have to laugh a bit bitterly. One officer is fired for allegations when the Chief Of Police in the City Of Gibson TN has been harassing my daughter for months! My call to the City of Gibson TN Mayor went nowhere I assume since he never called me back after speaking to his “officers” Shortly after my call to the Mayor telling him about text msg’s we had insinuating a connection between an abusive ex and the police there…my daughter was pulled over ONCE AGAIN by Brad the police chief and her phone taken as “evidence” and they would get a search warrant…the search warrant was never obtained but the phone had been gone through…the phone was never put in an evidence room and according to the officer who called to inform her she could get her phone – she had to wait until he got the phone from Brad who STILL had it!!! Turns out they didn’t get the search warrant because Brad was just too busy…long story..but hope you don’t have a bitter abusive ex making buddies with the Gibson Police if you are trying to live in Gibson…Mr. Mayor…still waiting for you to call me back after talking to your officers, I’d also like to know if it is typical that your officers drive all the way to Bogle Lane in Milan before pulling over a vehicle??

  2. Wayne Tillman on April 20, 2018 at 10:34 am

    Mr. Jackman I assure you Larry did not do anything to deserve this, I’ve known him a long time, hell he’s 66 years old, jimmy hill and Jerry Morris wanted him gone so they come up with this crap, now for brad I can see it, he’s a crook, he’s been fired from every other place he’s worked for stirring up crap just like this, he makes up fake charges on people and he was having sex with a married woman, while on duty and the mayor seen the girl up there talking to him, but he’s the puppet for the mayor so what you expect?

  3. Wayne Tillman on April 20, 2018 at 10:36 am

    Also Jerry Morris was clear on his decision but he must have forgotten about the time when he was the chief of Medina and was watching porn and sending it to his officers and one of them sued him!

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