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Dyer board seeking help from outside the city

By J. D. Pinkerton

The Dyer City Council met on December 11 and discussed seeking help from outside the city to keep rental properties clean, fire department purchases, anthracite replenishment, and sidewalk repairs.

Only four alderpersons were present as Michael Barron, Ray Carroll and Richard Reed were absent. At least four have to attend to achieve a quorum.

Mayor Chris Younger said, “We are having lots of problems with people that rent houses in Dyer and do not keep them clean. I would like to hire someone that does not live in the city of Dyer to police the homeowners/renters’ properties to ensure cleanliness.” A warning would be given. After the warning, they would be cited into court. A lot of homeowners are calling city hall now complaining, said Younger. Johnson agreed with the idea of getting someone to conduct city business with the unkempt property and wants an outsider to take the job. This will prevent favoritism.

Younger said, “We have so many renters in town now, and it’s becoming very unsightly.”

Fire Chief Ryan Shanklin reported that Brandon Rudd received the Officer of the Year Award.

Everyone on the roster is now certified.

Turn-out gear equipment costs have been broken down into two payments of $6,070 and $5,650. The other half of the order will be turned in next month. It takes about nine weeks once an order is made. The city will get a bill once the equipment is shipped. The board approved the order.

City Recorder Nathan Reed said that tax relief is still available for the elderly and disabled, and he strongly advocated its usage. Interested citizens may call City Hall for details.

Water Superintendent Randy Gregory said that the plant is down to 15 inches of anthracite. It needs to be 18-20 inches. To replenish it, the department needs 78 cubic feet of anthracite. The cost is right at $2,000. It will come out of Nashville and be shipped by truck. He estimates it will be about $500 for shipping. The board approved the purchase up to $2,500. Delivery time will be one to two weeks.

Anthracite is a carbon coal type of sand.

Street and Wastewater Supervisor Willie Caton said the Lee Street lining is complete.

The department has received the wrong parts on two different occasions for the bar screen at the wastewater plant. Employees had to drain two clarifiers and since have turned the aeration off, which messes up their lab results.

Alderman Tom Mikkelsen said the city dump is cleaned up and looks great. Bradley Skinner, the new city employee, is doing an excellent job. He will come up for evaluation in two weeks. Mikkelsen suggested instead of the 50-cent raise, he should get a $1 raise. Reed said the city needed to go through its process before implementing anything.

Mikkelsen brought up about BBQ at the country club. It bothered him that the mayor, the mayor’s wife, and they mayor’s mother served everyone. He said next time they should get a caterer to serve. Alderman Fred Ivie agreed.

Younger brought up the repair of sidewalks. The winter months are no time to repair them, so the question he presented to the board was do they want to repair the sidewalks in usage by the public.

Mikkelsen said, “If you have a couple days when it’s above freezing, go ahead and pour some.

Younger said, “It costs money to do this, yes, but at the same time, it builds property values for the homeowners. It gives people a safe place to walk too. We’ve had some help in the past with the churches donating with help to the city’s cost burden. I just want to get a list up on the areas in the city where they are bad. If it’s an area where it’s not much used and across the street it would take a lot to repair, I’d like to pull the sidewalk up, and put some sod on it.”

Alderman Robert Johnson said he would like it to be uniform on both sides of the streets. Younger said at a point on Broad Street, there are no houses through there. On the other side of the street, the sidewalk goes all the way. Johnson agreed with Younger on the repairs on Broad Street.

Younger said he wants to work with Caton in January on the concrete ditches. Some need repairs, and some trees need to be cut out of the ditches. They discussed drainage problems in the concrete ditches. Caton said Clarence Peevyhouse poured those ditches, and he would have a good idea on the drainage issues in those areas. Caton said he would consult with Peevyhouse.

Younger said they had to dig up a sewer line on Walnut Street, which went into the citizen’s driveway a little bit. It was to a tap. It was a 6×6 area, and it will be fixed as it was before the city dug it.

The board approved a purchase order to Tennessee Tractor for $1,684 for repair of the generator for the police department. Gregory said Steven Tucker changed the oil on it in the summer and said it didn’t sound right.

“It starts automatically every Monday morning and we hadn’t heard it run,” he said. ‘We got to checking on it, and it’s out of warranty.”

John Deere came and said the injector was bad. The exhaust manifold is on the front cylinder; it still has the original factory paint on it and the other cylinders the paint is all burned off. John Deere said it’s never worked. The generator people are the Nixon people. The city has had the generator a little over two years, and it had a two-year warranty on it.

The December 25 city council meeting has been cancelled. City stickers go on sale Jan. 1.

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