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County may purchase Trenton office building

County may purchase Trenton office building
Commissioners meet July 10
By Steve Short
Gibson Co. Commissioners plan to vote on a proposal to purchase an office building located in Trenton, when the County Commission holds its next regular meeting Monday, July 10 at the Agri-complex in Trenton.
The 2,400 sq. ft. office building and 7/10 acre lot at 1600 Industrial Drive is being offered to the county for $89,000 by Local Government Software.
The county’s plan is “to utilize the building to house the organizations currently residing in the Zelda Roberts Building, which is in need of repairs of over $100,000 (electrical upgrades, window replacement, ceiling replacement and bathroom upgrades),” according to the resolution.
The county would draw from the Capital Projects Fund to pay for the building.
Other issues on the County Commission agenda for July 10 include:
PRESENTATIONS – Requests for individuals to address the County Commission have been made regarding three topics. Lindsey Ingram will discuss the status of the Gibson Co. Library. A representative from a new Milan industry, Escue Wood Treated Products is on the agenda. The Jessee and Jessee Law Firm plans to address commissioners regarding opioid abuse.
ELECTIONS – Commissioners plan to make ten appointments to three boards – Planning Commission, Equalization Board and 911 Board. Recommendations are as follows:
Planning Commission – Incumbents Charles Crocker, Craig Ivey, Betty Poteet and Ken Pullias are recommended for 4-year terms expiring July 2021. Sandy Moss is recommended to fill a 4-year term expiring July 2012 replacing Curtis Halford, who resigned.
Equalization Board – Ruth Ethridge is recommended to a 2-year term expiring May 2019.
911 Board – Incumbents James Fuchs, Tommy Litton and Jason Oliver are recommended for 4-year terms expiring May 2021. Rickey Graves is recommended for a 4-year term expiring May 2020 to replace Johnny Vickers, who resigned.
DISTRICT 18 VACANCY – Commissioners will take steps to fill the District 18 Commission position that was occupied by longtime Commissioner Coy Yergin who recently passed away. The late Mr. Yergin was paid tribute for his leadership and many years of service to the county by Mayor Witherspoon. District 18 is in the northeast corner of the county between Bradford and Rutherford.
PUBLIC RECORDS POLICY – State law requires counties to adopt policies by July 1, 2017 that would regulate requests by residents to see public records. Gibson County plans to adopt a model public records policy used by the Office of Open Records. The policy would provide printed forms that would be filled out in writing by people requesting access to public records. Finance Director Greg Pillow would be designated as the county’s Public Records Request Coordinator.
Fees could be charged by the county for printed copies of records at these rates: 15 cents per page for letter and legal-size black and white copies; 50 cents per page for color copies; Labor at $25 per hour billed in increments of 15 minutes; costs assessed by a vendor, if an outside vendor is used by the county.
Provisions would also be given to the county regarding frequent and multiple requests made by residents to have access to documents. Gibson Co. government could aggregate record requests when more than 4 requests are received within a calendar month from a single individual or group of individuals deemed to be working in concert.
The Public Records Policy would be used by the offices of County Clerk, County Trustee, Chancery Court, Humboldt Court, Circuit Court Clerk, Register of Deeds, Health Dept. and Sheriff’s Dept. and Jail.
LITTER-TRASH COLLECTING GRANT – A resolution would authorize the submission of an application for a funding grant from the state Dept. of Transportation for litter and trash collecting in the county for 2017-18.

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