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Police officer involved in high-speed crash

  MPD Officer involved in Saturday night crash

By Logan Watson

NOTE: This article was based solely on statements made by the writer and other eyewitnesses. The Tennessee Highway Patrol conducted the investigation into the crash and an official accident report has not been filed.

A Milan police officer was involved in a high-speed accident Satuday night that sent at least one person to the hospital.
Officer Dexter Huddleston was responding to a call around 11:00 p.m. with other MPD officers when the accident occurred. Huddleston was the fourth in a line of patrol vehicles traveling Northbound on S. First Street. The three vehicles ahead of Huddleston passed through the intersection of S. First and Van Hook streets on a green light.
Before Officer Huddleston, who was following several yards behind the other officers, could cross the intersection, the traffic light changed from green to red. At the time of the accident, the lights on Huddleston’s patrol car were active, but his siren was not. It did appear that Officer Huddleston attempted to slow down as he traveled up the hill towards the intersection.
At that time, a midsize SUV traveling West on Van Hook Street passed through the intersection and was struck in the passenger side by Officer Huddleston’s patrol car. The force of the accident spun Officer Huddleston’s patrol car through the intersection. The other vehicle, which was not incapacitated, pulled into the El Gallero parking lot to await authorities.
MPD officers questioned a number of people that witnessed the accident, but the Tennessee Highway Patrol worked the scene and processed the accident report.
Officer Huddleston was uninjured in the crash, but a witness stated that two passengers in the SUV were taken from the scene via ambulance. The passengers in the other vehicle were reportedly from Georgia. The state of the passengers is currently unknown.

HIGH-SPEED CRASH – MPD Officer Dexter Huddleston was involved in an accident Saturday night that sent at least one person to the hospital. Officer Huddleston was responding to a call when he collided with an SUV at the intersection of S. First and Van Hook streets. Photo by Logan Watson.

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