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Youth Advisory Council kicks butts around town

Youth Advisory Council kicks butts around town

By Logan Watson

A new group of youth leaders at Milan High School could be seen last Wednesday, spreading their message of “tobacco kills” on fences around town in honor of National Kick Butts Day. The MHS Youth Advisory Council, created by a partnership between the Milan Prevention Coalition and Students Against Destructive Decisions, is a student led, peer-to-peer group tasked with helping talk to students about the dangers of tobacco, alcohol and drug abuse.
“Students have more influence with their peers than adults,” said MPC Director Mary Duncan, who, along with SADD sponsor Jason Carter, chose the students based on grades and character. “We want them to help keep their fellow students from making destructive decisions, especially now that it’s prom season.”
The group will have a new prom-inspired billboard displayed in downtown Milan. featuring artwork from students in Mrs. Allison Archey’s art class, in the coming weeks. The group will also serve as the eyes and ears of the Milan Prevention Coalition in the hallways, so that the group can stay abreast of new and evolving problems in the schools.
“It’s getting closer to summer and more kids are starting to get out and go to parties,” said MHS senior Brandi Davis, one of the members of the Youth Advisory Council. “The biggest problems students are facing now are really drinking and marijuana; the stuff that might not seem as bad. We’re here to bring awareness to the fact that they are still bad. It’s typically the same groups of kids, but they might be more likely to listen to us.”

NATIONAL KICK BUTTS DAY – The Milan Youth Advisory Council, (from left) Renee Nichols, Adara Nelson, Marcia Spinks, Sarah Grace Duncan, Brandi Davis, Julia McManus and Matthew McManus, reminded everyone that “tobacco kills” during National Kick Butts Day. Photo by Logan Watson.

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