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Mock Wedding Reception teaches life lessons

Mock Wedding Reception teaches life lessons
MHS program spotlights local businesses

By Logan Watson

She’s known for being “Sassy in the Kitchen,” but when Mrs. Rebecca Jones organizes an event for one of her classes at Milan High School, she goes all out.
Mrs. Jones’ “Lifespan” class held a Mock Wedding Reception last Wednesday morning, complete music, handmade decorations and a vintage theme.
“Each of the students had a role to play,” said Mrs. Jones. “They served, decorated, made the programs and provided the entertainment.” Not only did Jones’ students participate in every facet of the reception, they also planned and budgeted for the event themselves.
Jones said her classes focuses on “real life learning”, and planning for one of the biggest events in a person’s life is no small feat. The class’ “wedding unit” covers not only on the study of engagement and wedding responsibilities, but also the practical application of many crucial skills, such as interpersonal communication and financial management.
“Some of my students have never been to a wedding or a reception, so planning this event was quite a project in itself,” said Jones.
“It’s good that we’re learning about these things,” said the Mock Bride Haven Smith, one of Jones’ Lifespan students. “Getting married is something that most people will probably do eventually, so it’s good that we’re learning about it now. It’s way more complex than it seems. There are lots of little details that you don’t really think about.”
Grant Hensley, who helped provide the entertainment for the Mock Reception, said that the skills he has learned in Mrs. Jones’ classes will be invaluable in the future.
“We’re learning the basics,” said Hensley. “Cooking, stitching, how to do laundry. It makes me a little less worried about living on my own. I can be more independent thanks to the things I’ve learned from Mrs. Jones. It’s really good that the school has a program like this.”
Jones also used her Mock Reception to promote local businesses that specialized in confections and catering for similar events, including Brandi’s Cakes and Katie’s Cakes of Milan, JanaBelle’s Bakery in McKenzie and the Sweet Retreat Bake Shop in Bradford. Culinary creations from Chef Tim Hayes of How Sweet It Is, Rachel’s Hearth and Fruit Carving Artist Chef Carl Jones, both of Jackson, were also featured.
“I let the students decide which items we were going to have for the reception and none of the local businesses turned us down,” said Jones. “Brandi Vestal, Katie Jackson and Krystal Glisson (JanaBelle’s Bakery) were all past students of mine, so it made the whole experience that much sweeter.”

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