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Milan police special presentation to MHS student

MPD makes special presentation to MHS student

By Logan Watson

A Milan High School student received a special surprise from the Milan Police Department last Thursday, as Levi Pitcock was presented with his very own MPD uniform.
Levi, one of MHS’ RISE students is on the autism spectrum, a range of conditions characterized by challenges with social skills, repetative behaviors, speech and nonverbal communication, as well as unique strengths and differences.
According to Levi’s mother, Renee Pitcock, Levi has recently developed a close relationship with MHS School Resource Officer Sergeant Nick Glenn.
“Levi has been wanting to be a ‘secret agent’,” she said. “He wants to stop the bad guys and make the world a better place.”
“This really started back at the Best Buddies match party,” said Sgt. Glenn. “Levi asked if he could have his picture taken with my squad car, and from there, it just sort of built. Since then, he’s gone around as “Agent Levi”, making himself a paper badge and walking around with shades on.”
When Levi’s dad asked Sgt. Glenn about getting an old badge or other trinket from the MPD, the brass went all out.
“We didn’t want to just give him the silver badge stickers that we hand out to kids. We wanted to do something special, so Captain Jones and Chief Sellers ordered Levi his very own uniform.
“I usually see Levi once a day or so,” said Sgt. Glenn. “I’ll catch him in the cafeteria and cut up with him. With some of the heavy stuff I see, it’s a really nice way to break up the day.”
Levi’s mom, RISE teachers and members of the MHS office staff were a little choked up to see the young man so excited.
“I just want to tell everyone how amazing this is,” said Mrs. Pitcock. “Our school, our officers, our community, they treat our children, especially Levi, so well.”
Levi was thrilled to receive the gift, but the MPD has yet to issue a release about any of Patrolman Pitcock’s recent arrests.

PATROLMAN PITCOCK – MHS School Resource Officer Sergeant Nick Glenn (left) and Milan Police Chief Bobby Sellers (right) presented MHS RISE student Levi Pitcock (center)with his very own uniform last Thursday afternoon. The random act of kindness left several in tears. Photo by Logan Watson.

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  1. Rhonda Dinwiddie on February 24, 2017 at 10:16 am

    Wow! That was totally Awesone, Congratulations Officer Levi????????❤️❤️????????????????????????

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