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Police Report

The Humboldt Police Department reported the following arrests from 11/15/2021 through 11/21/2021:

Donnie W Avery, B/M, 63, of Humboldt; Arrest date and location: November 18, 2021, McKnight/4th; Charges: driving on revoked/suspended/expired license. Arresting officer: Ptl Long.

Alexander Carter, B/M, 34, of Jackson; Arrest date and location: November 19, 2021, 45 and E Main; Charges: driving under the influence, speeding, violation open container law. Arresting officer: Ptl Douglas.

Jeffery Scott Epperson, W/M, 24, of Humboldt; Arrest date and location: November 18, 2021, Stallings; Charges: possession of handgun while under the influence. Arresting officer: Sgt Wilson.

Dynasty Marie Hayes, B/F, 37, of Humboldt; Arrest date and location: November 21, 2021, N 18th Ave; Charges: aggravated assault. Arresting officer: Ptl Hodge.

Lekita Denise Martin, B/F, 28, of Humboldt; Arrest date and location: November 21, 2021, Elliott St; Charges: domestic assault. Arresting officer: Ptl Bowens.

Antonio Eugene Murphy, B/M, 39, of Humboldt; Arrest date and location: November 15, 2021, Central & Main; Charges: driving on revoked/suspended/expired license, violation registration law. Arresting officer: Ptl Hodge.

Nikema Renee Weaver, B/F, 35, of Humboldt; Arrest date and location: November 21, 2021, 45/E Main; Charges: speeding, financial responsibility law, manufacture/delivery/sell controlled substance, possession of substances with intent to manufacture Schedule II, possession of weapon in commission of felony, unlawful possession of a weapon. Arresting officer: Ptl Douglas.


Sheriff’s Report

The Gibson County Sheriff’s Office reported the following arrests in their weekly arrest report for 11/15/2021 through 11/21/2021:

Glenn Everett Bell, W/M, 58- aggravated assault, driving under the influence.

Jodie Lynn Boswell, W/F, 25- weekender.

Ginger Lee Carmack, W/F, 48- capias.

Amanda Gail Cook, W/F, 34- violation of probation.

Margaret Ann Deloach, W/F, 82- failure to exercise due care, evading arrest, fail/yield emergency vehicle.

William Shannon Douglas, W/M, 51- violation of probation.

Jason Wayne Greer, W/M, 40- weekender.

Brandon Jovan Gunn, B/M, 20- capias.

Daniel Lee Kimble, W/M, 64- weekender.

Quantavious Desjuan Smith, B/M, 21- unlawful drug paraphernalia uses & activities, violation stop sign law, reckless endangerment, resisting stop/frisk/halt/arrest or search (non-violent), evading arrest, manufacturing/delivering/selling/possession of controlled substance, violation of probation, seatbelt law.

Trinity Austin Walls, W/M, 36- violation of probation.

Trymore Derell Bell, B/M, 32- capias.

Barbara Allisson Canady, W/F, 29- slow poke law, unlawful drug paraphernalia uses & activities, manufacture/delivery/sale or possession of methamphetamines.

Andrea Lorene Corbin, W/F, 23- aggravated assault.

Samantha Elizabeth Crabtree, W/F, 39- violation of probation.

Donell L Dorval, W/M, 54- attachment order.

Richard Lee Goodman, W/M, 49- domestic assault.

Jacob Warren Hopper, W/M, 31- domestic assault, interfere with emergency call (911 calls).

Jeffery Lynn Hunt, W/M, 47- false reports/statements, unlawful drug paraphernalia uses & activities, manufacture/delivery/sale or possession of methamphetamines, improper lane usage, violation of probation.

Michael Paul Kelley, W/M, 26- burglary, theft of property.

Michael Douglas Lambert, W/M, 52- domestic assault.

Miranda Nicole Lambert, W/F, 32- domestic assault.

Terrance Lamar Lewis, B/M, 20- capias.

Stephanie Leona-Doll Martinez, W/F, 32- domestic assault, criminal impersonation.

Joseph Ebron Simpson, W/M, 30- domestic assault.

Devon Leigh Stone, W/F, 39- capias.

Nathaniel Wayne Whitehead, W/M, 19- domestic assault.

Angela Louise Williams, W/F, 46- simple possession/casual exchange, unlawful drug paraphernalia uses & activities, manufacture/delivery/sale or possession of methamphetamines.

Sedrick Lavar Yarbrough, B/M, 42- capias.

Donnie Ray Avery, B/M, 63- driving on revoked/suspended license.

Alexander Carter, B/M, 34- speeding, open container law, driving under the influence first offense.

Jeffery Scott Epperson Jr, W/M, 24- possession of a handgun while under the influence.

Antonio Eugene Murphy, B/M, 39- violation registration law, driving on revoked/suspended license.

Cameron Lee Crabtree, W/M, 20- domestic assault.

Matthew Carl Dark, W/M, 28- capias.

Dylan Joseph Garcia, H/M, 24- violation of order of protection/restraining order.

Quinton M Moore, B/M, 32- failure to complete intervention program in domestic assault.

Teresa Ann Thompson, W/F, 55- capias.

Collin Tayler Vestal, W/M, 20- attachment order, violation of probation.

Troy Aeron Whitmore, B/M, 54- retaliation for past action, criminal trespass, resisting arrest.

Robert Wayne Brown, W/M, 32- evading arrest, driving on revoked/suspended license.

Louis Lee Wade, B/M, 52- simple possession/casual exchange, driving on revoked/suspended license, driving under the influence first offense.

Angela Louise Williams, W/F, 46- capias, violation of probation.

Brandon Devon Evans, B/M, 40- capias.

Kenneth Vernon Mays, B/M, 42- serving time.

Willie Deshun Huffman, B/M, 29- weekender.

Quavion Devon Lipscomb, B/M, 21- weekender.

Christina Anonette Ramey, W/F, 34- weekender.

Timothy Alan Sexton, W/M, 49- weekender.

Haley R Shanklin, W/F, 27- weekender.

Kenneth Isiah Shaw, B/M, 24- weekender.

Quantavious Deshawn Spinks, B/M, 28- weekender.


Marriage Licenses

Bobby Eugene Terry of Trenton and Tera Jo McCall Gant of Trenton

Kenneth Wayne Finch of Dyer and Lynnessa Celeste Eskew of Rutherford

Eddie Rafael Lopez of Medina and Ronica Ann Kelley of Medina

Deven Rae Mutter of Dyer and Kristy Ann Ricketts of Dyer

Reece Gregory Bessent of Dresden and Nicole Christine Frazier of Milan

Joshua Ray Hefner of Milan and Courtney Brooke Jackson of Milan

Roy Christopher Mullen, III of Trenton and Janet Hope Jarrett Epperson of Trenton

Brady Joe Turner of Atwood and Kelley Erin Ford of Atwood

Guillermo Hernandez of Murray, KY and Trina Raeann Bobbitt of Murray, KY

Emily Grace Archibald Littles of Humboldt and Charles Andrew Pearson of Humboldt


Real Estate Transfers

Amy Barker, f/k/a Amy Bolton, to Cindy Reyna – Bradford – $80,000

Russell F. Dudley and wife, Jo Alice L. Dudley to Aston Holdings, LLC – Trenton – $155,000

Chris Malone and wife, Susan Malone to John Richardson and wife, Penny Richardson – Trenton – $19,000

American Cold Storage – North America, L.P.  to REB Holdings – Humboldt – $1,000,000

Amanda R. Kelly to Dillon Johnson and Kade Johnson – Medina – $285,100

Brandon T. Petty and wife, Ashton L. Petty to Sarah Elizabeth Smith and husband, Russell Michael Smith – Trenton – $185,000

Betty Ann Rust and Charles William Rust, II and Leigh Ann Rust-Keathley to Dave Mallard and wife, Shahera Mallard – Milan – $45,000

Amanda G. Gray and husband, Earl D. Gray to Alan Roberts and wife, Sara J. Roberts – Medina – $260,000

Kenneth Vaughn and wife, Sherry Vaughn to David Duncan – Dyer – $94,400

Robert K. Lewis and wife, Amy B. Lewis to David Lewis and wife, Donna Lewis – 18th CD – $75,000

Freda Lewis and Gail Forte to Shawanna E. Hunt – Humboldt – $104,000

James M. Garofalo and wife, Dawn M. Garofalo to Matthew Allen Burch and wife, Tabatha Marie Edwards-Burch – Trenton – $265,000

Harold Steve League and wife, Amy League to Ian B. League and wife, Jessica R. League – Milan – $110,000

Danny Ray Bridger to Joshua Youmans – Medina – $25,000

Ronald M. Duff to Horry Dungan – 20th CD – $15,000

Robin Elam to Humboldt Board of Public Utilities – Humboldt – $7,500

Holly Wallace to Timothy G. Jones and Joshua C. Hayes – Dyer – $53,000

Logan Taylor and wife, Merrilee Taylor to Dylan Sisco and wife, Raven Sisco – Medina – $275,000

Dorothea J. McManis to Steven Clark and Vivian Minton – Bradford – $400,000

Madaline Jamieson, f/k/a Manzanarez, and David Jamieson to Grant Robbins, Successor Trustee of the Kimberly H. Robbins Supplemental Needs Trust, – Milan – $157,000

Lucille Boykin, Executrix of the Estate of Fannie Sue Farmer, to Lisa Diescher – Humboldt – $40,000

Barbara Hobock to Sherri Faye Ausland – Humboldt – $160,000

Suzanne Gardner Richardson and Michael Gardner to Joshua Stewart – Milan – $200,000

Joan Cartwright, Sherrel Elaine Cartwright, David James Cartwright, Donna Lisa Cartwright and Brenda Cartwright Hollingsworth – Trenton – $25,000

Sherrel E. Cartwright to Sherrel E. Cartwright and Joan Cartwright – Trenton – $100,000

Corrine Gail Green to Blake Spellings and Ronald Brent Croom – Dyer – $67,500

Brian Moss to Crystal M. Arnold – Trenton – $101,000

Dorothea J. McManis to E & J Rental Co, LLC – Milan – $88,000

Sherman Griggs and wife, Shirley Griggs to Christina Vaughn – Trenton – $115,000

Deborah Matney to Angela Bowden – Milan – $65,500

Christopher R. Jones to Establish Properties, LLC – Milan – $6,000

HAK Acquisitions, LLC to Joanna O. Kilburn – Milan – $134,900

Adrian Jenkins and wife, Laura B. Jenkins to Kody C. Sanderfer and wife, Jennifer A. Sanderfer – Medina – $352,500

Timothy L. Hollars to Lena Rene Steele-Collins – Humboldt – $175,000

Vicie Isbell to Tracy A. Tate – Rutherford – $25,000

William H. Hester and Doris Hester, a/k/a Doris H. Denton, to Todd’s Discount Drugs – 110 East Main Street, Rutherford – $10,400

William H. Hester to Todd’s Discount Drugs – 114 East Main Street, Rutherford – $85,600

Joe Tidwell, acting as Trustee of the Greene Children’s Trust, to Tyson Puckett Greene and wife, Whitney Nicole Greene – Kenton – $10,000

Bradley Arnold and Patrick Bratcher to Andrew Allen – Milan – $110,000

Robert Wright to Teara Hutcheson, Trenton – $28,360.51.

Barry White and wife, Amy White, to Mary Kathleen Workman, Rutherford – $150,000.

Wayne Cyr to William R. Wray and April R. Wray,

Keith Harrison Taylor, Trustee of the Keith Harrison Taylor and Frankie Dione Spearman-Taylor Trust to Michael Adam Scherer and Fransiska Petty Ardianie, Medina – $95,000.

Robin Lynn Reed and wife, Debra Reed and Natalie Reed to Bill W. Kindig and Deborah R. Kindig, Kenton – $276,500.

Billy Daniel Taylor to Steve Swain, Medina – $95,000.

Jeffrey R. Prince and wife, Jennifer M. Prince to Brian Henson and wife Erika Henson, Medina – $295,000.

Heath Taylor Reed to Kelly S. Walker, Humboldt – $170,000.

The Gathering Rutherford to Blake Spellings, Chris Dycus and Lance Reasons, Rutherford – $28,500.

William Allen Roberts, Robert Shelby Hartfield, Christopher Pace Hartfield and Mary Margaret Hartfield to Dennis Albea and Dexter Ramey, Trenton – $50,000.

Andros Morton and Hannah Spegal to Kitzman Company, LLC, Humboldt – $8,000.

Eric W. Davis and wife, Amy L. Davis to Edwin M. Robling and Lauren J. Robling, Medina – $643,000.

Scott Alan Beasley to Kris Bradford, Milan – $68,500.

James R. Edmaiston and wife, Cassandra Edmaiston to Michael G. Fuller and wifre, Brittany L. Fuller, Trenton – $250,000.

Leah P. Daniel and wife Lesley A. Daniel to Daniel E. Williams and wife Angela D. Williams, Humboldt – $475,000.

Sammy D. Wortham and Kristi Wortham to Catrina D. Hillsman and Mary E. Vermillion, Milan – $82,000.

Laverne Cox to YH TN Jackson, LLC, Humboldt – $35,000.

Sandra Wheat to Richard Hopkins, Trenton – $40,000.

Blake J. Garcia and Jim A. Hyde to Bryan Wilson, Trenton – $15,000.

Mark Shayne Fielder to Adan Hernandez, Trenton – $15,600.

Sky View Homes, LLC to Donelda Clayton, Humboldt – $183,400.

Alex Lannom and Golden Ariel Hicks to Don Lannom and wife, Pamela Lannom, Milan – $201,271.27.

Jacob S. Edwards to Donnie Cook, II and wife Melissa Cook, Trenton – $209,250.

Juan Blanco-Ortiz and wife Sandra Perez to Terry Lee Albright, Sr., Humboldt – $200,000.

David Michael Denning and Dale Deveraus Denning to Susan E. Rumrill and Gary C. Rumrill, Bradford – $73,000.

Chad Karnes and wife Kristine Gibbs-Karnes to Lyndsey R. Collins, Medina – $145,000.


Restaurant Inspections

Clenney’s Family Restaurant, complete inspection, 85 score, two criticals

Clenney’s Family Restaurant, follow-up inspection, 96 score

McDonald’s of Milan, compete inspection, 98 score

Children’s Learning Center Food, complete inspection, 99 score

Dragon Buffet, complete inspection, 87 score, two criticals

Dragon Buffet, follow-up inspection, 96 score

Humboldt Fitness, complete inspection, 89 score, two criticals

Wendy’s of Milan, follow-up inspection, 98 score

Milano’s Pizza, complete inspection, 95 score, one critical

Milano’s Pizza, follow-up inspection, 100 score

New China, follow-up inspection, 93 score

Bradford Main Street Grill, follow-up inspection, 99 score

Milan Donut, complete inspection, 97 score

TRIO Community Meals, complete inspection, 95 score, one critical

TRIO Community Meals, follow-up inspection, 100 score

Chow Wagon, follow-up inspection, 99 score

Sonic of Medina, complete inspection, 99 score

Pizza Hut of Trenton, complete inspection, 97 score

TN State EHS-Trenton, complete inspection, 100 score

Milan Golf and Country Club, complete inspection, 98 score

Mi Casita, complete inspection, 92 score, one critical

Mi Casita, follow-up inspection, 97 score

Stacy’s Kitchen, complete inspection, 96 score, one critical

Stacy’s Kitchen, follow-up inspection, 98 score

Spurgeon’s, complete inspection, 84 score, three criticals

Humboldt Fitness, follow-up inspection, 99 score

Jack’s of Trenton, complete inspection, 91 score, one critical

Jack’s of Trenton, follow-up inspection, 96 score

Main Street Grill, complete inspection, 88 score, two criticals

Kids Land Kitchen, complete inspection, 97 score

Maria’s, complete inspection, 74 score, seven criticals

TN State EHS, Humboldt, complete inspection, 95 score, one critical

Rachel’s Diner, complete inspection, 93 score, one critical

Smokin’ Hot BBQ, complete inspection, 97 score

Rock & Shirl Disco, complete inspection, 87 score, two criticals

Rock & Shirl Disco, follow-up inspection, 97 score

321 Early Learning Academy Food, complete inspection, 99 score

Scott’s Pizza & Kitchen, complete inspection, 94 score, one critical

Scott’s Pizza & Kitchen, follow-up inspection, 99 score

McDonald’s of Trenton, complete inspection, 88 score, two criticals

McDonald’s of Trenton, follow-up inspection, 98 score

Gibson County Golf Course, complete inspection, 100 score

Todd Family Fun Farm, complete inspection, 95 score, one critical

Todd Family Fun Farm, follow-up inspection, 100 score

Main Street Grill, follow-up inspection, 98 score

Spurgeon’s, follow-up inspection, 98 score

B’s Potato House, complete inspection, 99 score

Professional Child Care Center Kitchen, complete inspection, 99 score

Rhodes Family Diner, complete inspection, 91 score, two criticals

Red Door Sports Bar & Grill, complete inspection, 100 score

Lunch and Dinner To Go, complete inspection, 94 score, one critical

Lunch and Dinner To Go, follow-up inspection, 99 score

Toot N Tell It, complete inspection, one critical

Toot N Tell It, follow-up inspection, 100 score

Maria’s, follow-up inspection, 96 score

Helping Hands of Humboldt, complete inspection, 94 score, one critical

Helping Hands of Humboldt, follow-up inspection, 99 score

TN State EHS-Humboldt, follow-up inspection, 100 score

Rachel’s Diner, follow-up inspection, 98 score

Crenshaw’s Catfish, complete inspection, 91 score, one critical




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