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Police Report

The Humboldt Police Department reported the following arrests from 06/22/2020 through 06/28/2020:

Leanthony Cathey, b/m, 41 – Arrest date and location: 06/27/2020, Southside Deli: Charges: criminal trespassing, theft of property, vandalism; Arrest office: INV Williams.

Keeyan James, b/m, 25 – Arrest date and location: 06/22/2020, HPD: Charges: domestic assault, vandalism; Arresting officer: PTL Lemus.

Terraca Johnson, b/f, 34 – Arrest date and location: 06/22/2020, HPD, Charges: reckless endangerment; Arresting officer: LT Williams.

Juan Lira, h/m, 19 – Arrest date and location: 06/28/2020, Trenton HWY, Charges: driving on revoke/suspended/expired license, speeding, financial responsibility law, violation registration law; Arresting officer: PLT Cano.

Tirece Malone, b/m, 44 – Arrest date and location: 06/24/2020, HPD: Charges: sexual battery by authority figure, offender registration. Arresting officer: INV Hill.

Cordero Quarles, b/m, 29 – Arrest date and location: 06/26/2020, 11th and Osborne, Charges: domestic assault, criminal impersonation, resisting arrest/stop, halt, frisk. Arresting officer: PLT Fleming.

Karen Vandolah, w/f, 57 – Arrest date and location: 6/24/2020, Dotson at Tracks; Charges: public intoxication; Arresting officer: PTL Cano.

Emily West, w/f, 32 – Arrest date and location: 06/23/2020, Central Ave., Charges: driving on revoked/suspended license, speeding. Arresting officer: PTL Kesterson.

Sheriff’s Report

The Gibson County Sheriff’s Office reported the following arrests in their weekly arrest report for 06/22/2020 through 06/28/2020.

Michael Matthew Adkisson, w/m, 21 – capias

Raymond George Duckstein, w/m, 49 – identity theft/use of another’s information, forgery

Jessica Pearl Farley, w/f, 20 – capias

Dakota Edward Holsclaw, w/m, 27 – violation of probation

Terraca Keyonia Johnson, b/f, 34 – capias

Dustin Lee Miller, w/m, 30 – schedule II drug violations

Cody Shane Presnell, w/m, 29 – identity theft/use of another’s information, theft of property

Dexter Allen Whisnant, w/m, 37 – violation of probation

Kenneth Lloyd Workman, w/m, 56 – capias, attachment order

Jason Peter Zahnick, w/m, 47 – violation of probation

Matthew Andrew Bye, w/m, 31 – capias, theft of property

Philip Charles Colwell, w/m, 36 – theft of property

Robert Keith Eubanks, w/m, 48 – capias

Keithal Wayne Hopkins, w/m, 37 – capias

Clarissa Latoya Hubbard, b/f, 35 – capias

Kimberly Diane Knight, w/f, 41 – other

Jeffery Doran McDonald, b/m, 41 – schedule VI drug violations, window tint, firearm use in association with dangerous felonies, unlawful drug paraphernalia uses and activities, violation stop sign law

Shawna Leigh Reynolds, w/f, 36 – child abuse or neglect (non-violent)

Bruce Dylan Sims, w/m, 24 – reckless endangerment, possession of a handgun while under the influence


Riley Austin Sweatt of Dyer and Coleen Elaine Moore of Jackson

Christopher Wayne Brackeen of Lavinia and Falisha Raynell Holt of Lavinia

Mark Anthony Vaughn of Milan and Kelsey Lynn Wilson of Huntingdon

Colton Tyler Marmon of Trenton and Danyelle Lynn Ray of Trenton

Alexandria Paige Gearin of Trenton and Nicholas Chance Rhoden of Trenton

Kristina Leigh McCormick of Medina and Justin Michael Petty of Medina

Hadley Chase Hutchison of Jackson and Alexandra Clare Welch off Milan

Jared Daniel Moore of Milan and Tara Dawn Jones of Jackson


Real Estate Transfers

W.E. Burks and James E. Moody to Dale Recycling Partnership – Trenton – $20,000

Marshall W. Tracy and wife, Amity L. Tracy to James Brian Forbis and wife, Tiffany Forbis – Medina – $239,369.02

William A. Cannon and wife, Jessica M. Cannon to Thomas J. Vos and wife, Sarah D. Vos – Medina – $259,900

Jesse Landon Hampton, by and through his attorney-in-fact Ruby Nell Hampson, and wife, Ruby Nell Hampton, to Mark Hampton and wife, Delana Hampton – Bradford – $500

Suzanne Ramsey Allison and Robert J. Ramsey, Jr. to Ginger Stone – Humboldt – $115,000

Clark Family Holdings, LLC to William Alan Cannon and wife, Jessica Marie Cannon – Humboldt – $359,400

Brian K. Moore to Justin L. Rehmert – Humboldt – $112,000

Ditech Financial LLC by NewRez LLC, d/b/a Shellpoint Mortgage Servicing its attorney-in-fact, to The Secretary of Housing and Urban Development – Milan – $49,200

Jake Ramsey and wife, Lindsay Ramsey to Taylor Michelle Hillard and Billy Henley – Medina – $205,000

Margaret Sue Galloway to Robert S. Rodgers and wife, Rebecca Sue Rodgers – Kenton – $91,850

Margaret Sue Galloway to Douglas Glenn Davis and wife, Jennifer Lynn Davis – Kenton – $170,005.12

Shawn C. Patton and wife, Toni M. Patton to Jennifer Tamra Johnson and husband, Hayden Gerald Johnson – Milan – $289,900

Samantha Holland and Anthony Killian to Sandra Y. Thomas – Medina – $222,500

Clark Family Holdings, LLC to Michael Don Butler – Medina – $216,410.33

Daniel A. Holder to Scott James Venable, Kyra Shai Venable and George W. Quinton – Medina – $134.900

Katheryn Allen to W. Russell Courtney and wife, Peggy N. Courtney – Milan – $95,000

Carter Construction of Jackson LLC to Rachel W. Wisdom and husband, Michael Wisdom – Medina – $32,500

Jay B. Black and wife, Cherise Black to Dylan Robinson and wife, Caitlin Robinson – Milan – $180,000

Bruce Roger Moore and wife, Theeraporn Moore to Richard Batzel – Milan – $48,000

David Paul Blackwell and wife, Wanda Kay Blackwell to June Glass and husband, Jimmy Carroll Glass – Milan – $109,900

Josh B. Hazlewood and wife, Stephanie Hazlewood to Anthony C. McClure and wife, Kimberly Martin McClure – Milan – $279,000

Jonathan Fielding and wife, Peggy Fielding to David Finley and wife, Rhonda L. Finley – Medina – $165,900

Tim L. Shanklin, Lisa K. Hurley and Russell A. Shanklin to Dennis E. Kaiser and wife, Wanda Kaiser – Humboldt – $129,900

Wendy A. Caswell to Dominique Osler – Humboldt – $3,000

Barry Allen, d/b/a Barry Allen Construction, to Paul Pillow and wife, Holly M. Pillow – Milan – $214,500

Helen Harris to Darrel Reaves and wife, Cathy Diane Reaves – Humboldt – $25,000

Doyle Leman Hart, Sr. to Destiny Alexandria Webber and Amber Elizabeth Pierce – Trenton – $14,500

Rosalind Johnson to Marina Esthela Arrrola – Humboldt – $2,000

Bernhard Dietz to James F. Duck and wife, Kelli M. Duck – Humboldt – $60,400

Daniel F. Evans, by and through his attorney-in-fact Kimberly R. Evan, and wife, Kimberly R. Evans to Reilly Eason and wife, Ryan Michelle Eason – Medina – $220,000

David Moore and wife, Eryn Moore to Hayden A. Wray – Medina – $149,900

Robert L. Richardson, Jr.  and Roye L. Richardson to Danny R. Maness and wife, Heidi L. Maness – Trenton – $130,000

The Estate of Royce G. Turner to Matthew Tyler White and wife, Nicole Lynn White – Kenton – $142,000

Court Report


Harpeth Financial Services LLC vs Corey Barnes

Harpeth Financial Services LLC vs Starr Hill

Harpeth Financial Services LLC vs Cherre Simmons

Harpeth Financial Services LLC vs Christie Paschall

Harpeth Financial Services LLC vs Courtney Bushun Dickey

Harpeth Financial Services LLC vs Shonda Oliver

Harpeth Financial Services LLC vs Justin Carlton

Harpeth Financial Services LLC vs Tommy Campbell

Harpeth Financial Services LLC vs Robert Dennis

Harpeth Financial Services LLC dba Advance Financial vs Teresa Holloway

Harpeth Financial Services LLC dba Advance Financial vs Melissa Hogeland

Harpeth Financial Services LLC dba Advance Financial vs Delaney Smith

The Jackson Clinic vs Esther D. Baker

The Jackson Clinic vs Daphne Cobb

The Jackson Clinic vs Gena M. McCurry

The Jackson Clinic vs Tammy Coleman

The Jackson Clinic vs Kristie Holland

Credit Acceptance Corporation vs Jevelle Sanders

OneMain Financial Group LLC vs Lee Hilliard

Jefferson Capital Systems LLC as successor in interest to Webbank vs Helen Champion

Susan Lupien vs Daniel Green

Ally Financial Inc vs James C. Handy

Portfolio Recovery Associates LLC vs Rachel Gamble

Autovest LLC vs Treyvin White

Second Round Sub LLC vs Reginald Gentry

LVNV Funding LLC vs Michael Hill

Privitt’s Wrecker Service LLC vs Carl B. Turner Jr.

Portfolio Recovery Associates LLC as successor in interest to Synchrony Bank vs Cynthia Mayfield

Portfolio Recovery Associates LLC vs Herbert Jacocks

Portfolio Recovery Associates LLC vs Ella Wardlow

Midland Credit Management Inc vs Ollie Lewis

Foursight Capital LLC vs Rosie Bonds and Charles Vasser

CVI SGP-Co acquisition trust vs Tabitha L. Turner aka Tabitha Lashella Wardlow

Robert Champman C&C Properties vs Marion Williams

Mike Hawks vs Joseph Lenon Jr.

Larry Johnson Jr. vs Amber Robinson

John W. Moore vs Faye Newhouse

John W. Moore vs Scott Reasons and any and all occupants

Tammie Porter vs Adrian Thomas

MACC Properties vs Jamar Guyton

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