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Court Report

William Lindley – driving motor vehicle without functioning ignition interlock device

Anna Rich – driving without DL

Bobby McLemore – Evading arrest

James Chandler – driving on revoked DL with priors, evading arrest

Karen Curtis – simple possession of meth

Sadarius Thomas – simple possession of Schedule VI

James Dabbs – simple possession of Schedule VI

Matthew Bettie – evading arrest

Alexander Dean – burglary, theft under $1,000, driving on revoked DK, failure to stop (leaving the scene), driver to exercise due care – waived to Grand Jury

John Gordon – aggravated assault – bound over to Grand Jury

Stephanie Williams – simple possession of Schedule VI

Stephanie Williams – theft $1,000-$2,500, forgery $1,000-$2,500 – waived to Grand Jury

Lonnie Winsett – meth manufacture deliver sell possession with intent, possession of drug paraphernalia – waived to Grand Jury

Christopher Neubauer – possession of meth with intent, possession of drug paraphernalia – waived to Grand Jury

Kenneth Price – simple possession of Schedule I

Zachary Patterson – theft under $1,000

Dameon Conley – simple possession of Schedule VI

Thomas Toone – criminal trespass

Marlene Derry – criminal trespass

Deonte Moore – driving without DL

Kaci Knueppel – vandalism

Brian Powell – inhale intoxication possession

Police Report

The Humboldt Police Department reported the following arrests from 08/05/2019 through 08/11/2019:

Justin Dwayne Benson, 27, of Humboldt; Arrest date and location: 08/06/2019, 2025 North; Charges: domestic assault, possession of drug paraphernalia. Arresting officer: PTL Kesterson.

David Michael Dycus, 32, of Humboldt; Arrest date: 08/08/2019; Charges: picked up for other agency.

Stoney Lee Freeman, 31, of Humboldt; Arrest date and location: 08/09/2019, 14th and Maple; Charges: resisting arrest/stop, halt, frisk, picked up for other agency. Arresting officer: PTL Phillips.

Kelsey Reyshawn Hunt, 30, of Humboldt; Arrest date and location: 08/10/2019, 18th and Ferrell; Charges: domestic assault. Arresting officer: PTL Yarbrough.

Lori Marie Kennedy, 40, of Humboldt; Arrest date and location: 08/09/2019, 2002 Dotson; Charges: driving rev/susp/exp license, stop sign violation. Arresting officer: PTL Yarbrough.

Kaci Jo Knueppel, 27, of Humboldt; Arrest date and location: 08/06/2019, 2225 North St.; Charges: domestic assault. Arresting officer: PTL Kesterson.

Paul Allen Moore, 46, of Dyer; Arrest date and location: 08/08/2019, 1305 Main St.; Charges: public intoxication, indecent exposure. Arresting officer: PTL Phillips.

Adrian Demons Simmons, 39, of Humboldt; Arrest date and location: 08/05/2019, HPD; Charges: picked up for other agency.

James Anthony Slates, 50, of Humboldt; Arrest date and location: 08/06/2019, HPD; Charges: picked up for other agency. Arresting officer: SCT Hill.

Sheriff’s Report

The Gibson County Sheriff’s Office reported the following arrests in their weekly arrest report for 08/05/2019 through 08/11/2019.

Thomas Allen Anderson, w/m, 37 – criminal impersonation, simple possession/casual exchange

Finis Edward Hooten, w/m, 34 – harassment (non-verbal threat)

Jamarian Cortez Jordan, b/m, 21 – court

Wayne Allen Ross, w/m, 53 – aggravated burglary

Ronald Ray Williams, w/m, 60 – driving under the influence

Joseph Ethan Barnett, w/m, 32 – animals run at large, cruelty to animals

James Dylan Blurton, w/m, 25 – solicitation of minor to observe sexual conduct

Brandon S Boone, u/u, 31 – violation of probation

Samantha Annette Breininger, w/f, 28 – attachment order, capias

Megane Nicole Canada, w/f, 28 – vandalism, theft of services

Jeffrey Allen Cunningham, w/m, 35 – driving on revoked/suspended license, seatbelt law

David Michael Dycus, w/m, 32 – attachment order

Robert Steven Edwards, w/m, 47 – attachment order

Michael Alan Hill, w/m, 37 – capias

Robert Harrel Jenkins, b/m, 80 – attachment order

Laura Michelle Latham, w/f, 32 – theft of property, attachment order, criminal simulation, forgery

Olivia Ashley Lee, b/f, 20 – capias

Dalton L Lindsey, w/m, 19 – manufacture, delivery, sale or possession of methamphetamines

Matthew James Matherne, w/m, 28 – simple possession/casual exchange, criminal trespass

Zackevious Tevin Payne, b/m, 24 – driving on revoked/suspended license

Terrance Donnell Pirtle Jr., b/m, 19 – simple possession/casual exchange

Lula Johnson Shivers, b/f, 65 – reckless endangerment, driving under the influence, driving left of centerline

Spencer John Sizemore, w/m, 22 – driving on revoked/suspended license

Anthony Dale Stanford, w/m, 38 – capias, aggravated assault

Brittni Rene Thompson, w/f, 26 – manufacture, delivery, sale or possession of methamphetamines


Timothy Allen Stone of Calera, AL and Lindsay Nicole Garner of Milan

Matthew James Matherne Pellegrin of Humboldt and Meagan Ann Daughenbaugh of Humboldt

Jacob Thomas Merriman of Cedar Grove and Sere Catherine Jackson of Humboldt

Steven Donald Long of Humboldt and Carrie Amanda Yeager of Humboldt

Real Estate Transfers

Jerry Smith and wife, Laverne Smith and Susan Smith Holbrook to Casaundra Green – Milan – $65,000

Paul C. Fish, by Dixie A. Fish, Attorney-In-Fact, and wife, Dixie A. Fish to Tyler White – Rutherford – $2,000

Johnny Wise and wife, Louise Wise to Jacob Taylor – Humboldt – $27,000

Brian J. McDavid and wife, Alisa McDavid to Roger Joseph Abfalter and wife, Melissa Abfalter – Medina – $169,900

Kenneth W. Bowman and wife, Kathryn L. Bowman to Andrew James Castleman and wife, Kiara Champion Castleman – Milan – $281,900

Donald E. Needham and wife, Betty Needham, David G. Needham and Donna M. Kenyon to Amanda Jo Lilly and Janet Flannery – Bradford – $103,440

Bradley J. Owens and Christopher R. Carroll to Jeremy D. Hendrix and wife, Alyson S. Hendrix – Milan – $202,000

Robert Joseph Moore, Jr. and wife, Kathleen F. Moore to Barry M. Branum – Trenton – $170,000

Shane Kosark and wife, Shellie Kosark to William G. Mitchell – Milan – $15,000

Charles Carson Earls to Marmilu, LLC – Humboldt – $4,700

Judith Carr to Robert D. Carr – Humboldt – $189,000

SC Development, LLC to Erica E. Abercrombie and husband, William Blake Abercrombie – Medina -$265,000

Jonathan Murphree and wife, Amy Murphree to Harris Rentals, LLC – Medina – $115,000

Jonathan Murphree and wife, Amy Murphree to Harris Rentals, LLC – Medina – $72,750

Stephen M. Lane, Stacy Lane James, s/k/a Stacy Elizabeth James, Jennifer Lane Craig and Michael Jason Lane to Stacy Elizabeth James – Rutherford – $11,840

Hillary Jean Watson to Jason Eaton and wife, Anna C. Eaton – Bradford – $94,000

Christy Lynn Cooper to Nathan Henry Moffatt and wife, Candace Denise Moffatt – Humboldt – $41,200

Jerry L. Gordon and wife, Nancy R. Gordon to Marco A. Solorio and wife, Andrea R. Solorio – Gibson – $85,000

Curtis Roy Baird and wife, Jennifer A. Baird to Jordan Goodman and wife, Jessica Goodman – Milan – $68,000

Carthel Jack Finch and Blake Spellings to Gumwood Hunting Club, LLC – Trenton – $175,000

Jeff Baker and Michael B. Presson to Ian Insalaco and wife, Amanda Insalaco – Medina – $243,049

Alma Singletary to Rochelle Lancaster – Humboldt – $10,000

John Franklin Warmath to Rochelle Lancaster – Humboldt – $20,000

Claude E. Perkins and wife, Robbie S. Perkins to Thi Minh Phuong Dang – 17th CD – $312,489

Scott Guy to Claude F. Perkins and wife, Robbie S. Perkins – 17th CD – $210,000

Judy A. Burkett and husband, Jeffrey Burkett to Alexander J. Bynum, William Jakob Bynum and R. Brent Croom – Dyer – $45,000

Dawn M. Wynn to Daniel C. Young – Medina – $$205,000

Webster F. Drake and wife, Sharon P. Drake to Trey A. Tate and wife, Katherine E. Tate – Milan – $190,000

Rebecca Lamb and spouse, Steven Lamb to Kelcey Coble and spouse, Steven Coble – Dyer – $90,000

Clark Family Holdings, LLC to William Douglas Hoehn and wife, Lisa Kelley Hoehn – Milan – $ 144,900

Virgil C. Vandette and wife, Susan D. Vandette to Katherine Anne Ford and husband, Alberto Jesus Guerra Murciano – Medina – $125,000

Rickey D. Privett and wife, Rebecca Dawn Privett to Timothy Allen McCall, II and wife, Savannah N. McCall – Humboldt – $108,000

John Franklin Warmath to Charles P. Wilson Foundation, Inc. – Humboldt – $25,000

Bevanne White, f/k/a Bevanne Allmon, to Tony Bachman and wife, Lucinda Bachman – Milan – $47,500

Trenton TV Cable Company to Spectrum Southeast, LLC – Trenton – $92,000

Patricia Sue Gardner Malm, Michael Gardner and Charlie Gardner to Brian W. Zimny and wife, Alane M. Zimny – Milan – $40,000

Beverly R. Meyer to Hailey Vail and husband, Christopher Vail – Humboldt – $77,000

Melissa D. Stewart to Kevin S. Allen and wife, Joann Allen – Milan – $190,000

Alexandria Wachowiak and Kevin Cochran to Melissa R. Dittmer – Medina – $154,000

Rebecca A. Johnson, n/k/a Rebecca A. Fletcher, to Norman Reid and wife, Tami Reid – Medina – $190,000

David Schwartz and wife, Julia E. Schwartz to George Davis and wife, Marilyn Davis – Bradford $199,900

John E. Gordon and wife, Elizabeth Diane Gordon to Milan Compress Company – Milan – $2,500

Darrell Grant Gaines and wife, Melisa Palmore Gaines to George E. Morgan and wife, Janet L. Morgan – Medina – $205,000

Glenn S. Roberts and wife, Donna J. Roberts to P. Smith Properties, LLC – Humboldt – $105,000

Brad Webster and wife, Tisha Webster to James A. Newmon, Jr. and wife, Stephanie N. Newmon – Humboldt – $449,900

Margaret Sowell to David Spencer Brandon and wife, Tammy Renee Brandon – Medina – $189,900

Elizabeth Renteria to Black Oak Properties – Humboldt – $44,000

Farmers & Merchants Bank to Thomas E. Davis, Sr. and wife, Carolyn Petty Davis – Dyer – $334,000

Ellen Ann Holcomb Morris, n/k/a Ann H. Barnwell to Jonathan Murphree and wife, Amy Murphree – Milan – $475,000

Hale Estates, LLC to William E. Koelling and wife, Sharon K. Koelling – Humboldt – $47,500

Ernest Wayne Adams, Jr. to Connie Clanton and husband, Richard Clanton – 11th CD – $6,000

Donna B. Schlesinger to Nancy Parrish Utley and husband, Jeffery Ray Utley – Medina – $320,000

Peggy R. Pillow to Robert Barry Churchman and wife, Deborah Ann Churchman – 22nd CD – $270,000

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