HCS Viking Gala features the Shaq

EPIC HEADLINER – NBA Superstar Shaquille O’Neal will headline the first every Viking Gala next month at Oman Arena. Dr. Versie Hamlett, Humboldt City Schools superintendent, made the announcement over the weekend.

First ever all sports fundraiser to be held September 23 at Oman

An epic NBA superstar is coming to West Tennessee to support the Humboldt Vikings! Shaquille O’Neal will headline the Viking Gala, the first ever event of this magnitude for all Humboldt athletic teams.

Dr. Versie Hamlett, Humboldt City Schools’ superintendent, announced the Viking Gala over the weekend. The gala will take place Saturday, September 23, 2017 at the Oman Arena in Jackson, Tenn., and feature the 7’1” retired Laker.  This fundraising event will provide funding to build an athletic program that can provide rich opportunities for students in all sports.

“Sports participation is an incredible opportunity for our youth,” said Dr. Hamlett. “Involvement in interscholastic sports has a positive impact on high school students with lessons learned in athletics, combined with the knowledge that they must do well in school to participate, improving students’ persistence and chances for success.  In order to provide these high-quality experiences, Humboldt City Schools must provide up-to-date athletic facilities and programming as well as uniforms and supplies to operate a quality team sports program.”

The evening will be filled with anticipation as HCS supporters work together to raise funds for athletics.  Sponsorship packages are available that include a reception with a  meet-and-greet of the distinguished speaker, as well as dinner and entertainment.

For more information, contact 731-784-2652.  Individual tickets may be purchased by visiting hcsvikings.org/vikingsgala.

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